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Free Tarot Online and Tarot Online readings step by step

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Ask a question

Enter your question in the field with a minimum length of 10 characters, then click the button to validate it and unlock a shuffled deck of cards.

Tarot Online - Choose a card

Choose a card

Select the Tarot layout and then, using your intuition, click the appropriate number of cards with the mouse or your finger on the touch screen.

Tarot Online - Get a answer

Get a answer

Discover the Tarot card of your choice and read its meaning or get an answer to your question by ordering our professional fortune-telling interpretation.


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Free Tarot Online

Everything you have to know about Tarot Online

Lay out your Tarot spread on Tarot Online for free

Tarot Online is officially the first web application that allows you to use online divination. You can do it completely for free, and the process itself is very simple and accessible on any device with a web browser. All you have to do is head to the very top of the homepage, for example, by clicking on the Your Tarot Online button, and then type in your question that you want to ask the Tarot cards. Try to focus on your question both while typing it and while choosing your Tarot card. It should be specific and concrete so that the Tarot's answer is as simple as possible for you. Once you have done this, enter your question on the Tarot Online website and then once the deck is unlocked, choose one of the cards. Follow your intuition, but no matter what you do, your divination will be 100% successful. You can interpret the drawn Tarot card on your own using the information contained in our Tarot card meanings section or by choosing a professional reading prepared by us. Don't forget to tell us what you think about the Tarot card you chose and after you've finished, go to Tarot Online again to ask your next question.

Tarot Online questions and divination

You can ask Tarot about literally anything as long as your question is clearly defined and you have sincere and good intentions. Tarot Online is not a game, but an effective tool that allows you to get an answer to any question. It can be about you and other people and about such things as love, finances, health or career. Tarot Online will be the best advisor when you have a problem or don't know what decision to make. It will also help you to avoid mistakes and achieve your goals if you interpret the meaning of the drawn card correctly. Tarot Online allows you to ask questions about the past, present and future, but remember never to check the Tarot and never ask the same question twice if the situation has not changed. Tarot Online is 100% free and anonymous so you will find it very enjoyable and helpful. Click on the link if you want more tips on how to ask Tarot questions.

Free Tarot Online

Get your online Tarot card divination for right now and completely for free. All you have to do is enter the question you are interested in and then draw one of the cards on Tarot Online. To understand the meaning of the selected card you can use our Tarot card meanings section, where we have described the meanings of all Tarot cards. There you will find an extensive description of both the Minor Arcana and the Major Arcana of Tarot. We are constantly striving to make Tarot Online the best tool possible, which is why we have many exciting new features planned for , which will make Tarot divination even better for you. But remember, Tarot Online is not only the first online Tarot divination tool in Poland, it's also a free Tarot that will always remain so. However, we hope that you will help us develop the best Tarot in Poland and take advantage of additional services available in our offer, which will allow you to use it more often and understand the answer of the cards. Click on the link and read the Tarot Online fortune telling entry for all zodiac signs.

Tarot free today, for tomorrow and yes/no

Decide what you want to ask the cards and lay out a spread on Tarot Online for free. Our tool is 100% effective and will answer all your questions. Take advantage of free online divination by entering your question for today, tomorrow or any day in or any other year. Tarot Online will also help you get a yes/no answer by asking one question. In a yes/no arrangement, straight cards should be interpreted as positive (yes) in most cases and reversed cards as negative (no). If you want to use the Tarot for today simply ask what your day will be and draw one of the cards to find out the answer. The free Tarot Online allows you to receive three Tarot card divinations per month, but this is just the beginning of the possibilities you can take advantage of. If the meaning of a Tarot card is not obvious to you, use our individual reading of the drawn Tarot card for your question and find out what the Tarot's exact answer is. Every time you refresh the page or reshuffle the Tarot cards, our algorithm arranges the cards in a unique way for each divination. For this reason it is not possible to repeat the same divination, but please remember not to check the Tarot cards and not to use them twice for the same question in a short space of time.

Safe and verified Tarot Online

Tarot Online is 100% safe and verified. It is the first official tool in Poland that allows online divination since 2018. Every month you can use 3 Tarot card divinations completely free of charge, and in case you need more of them, payments can be made via secure and instant online transfers. We also offer a Money Back Guarantee policy for our customers, so if when using the paid features on the Tarot Online website you find that it has not met your expectations then you can request a 100% refund from us in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the website. When using the Tarot Online website you can be absolutely sure that it is as safe as Tarot card divination, as you can read in the post about whether Tarot is dangerous. With Tarot Online you also have complete privacy and anonymity, because you don't have to share your question with a fortune teller or any other stranger. Tarot Online works the same way as classic Tarot cards, because it was created to best replicate the natural process of Tarot spreads. It works with a unique and proprietary algorithm, as well as the subconscious that helps you choose the right Tarot card. Lay out a Tarot Online spread for free now.

Tarot Online that works

Tarot Online is a combination of magic and technology that, when combined, can provide answers to any question. There are many theories as to why the Tarot is effective, but to find out the real answer you need to understand the basics of Tarot and its history. In a nutshell, we can say that the effectiveness of Tarot cards is due to certain universal laws that govern the whole universe. Their understanding, and therefore the reading of information is based on symbols, allegories and mythologies known to people for centuries. In this way, indirectly, we gain access to an infinite amount of information and, in the end, the answer to every question. Tarot is therefore a tool to know the future, the past and the present. Secret knowledge often hidden from ourselves, but which is in the collective subconscious of all people on earth. This is also how our Tarot Online works on the first official website in Poland allowing you to use Tarot for free. Click on the link and read more about how Tarot works.

Effective Tarot and divination online

Tarot is effective and allows you to get an answer to any question, if you ask it well. No different is the case with our Tarot Online site where you can place a Tarot spread for free and check the drawn card. All you have to do is think about what exactly you want to ask the Tarot, then type your question in the field above the cards and choose one of the Tarot cards. The card drawn on the Tarot Online website is the answer to your question, which you can interpret either using the free information available in the Tarot card meanings section or using our individual readings. Our Tarot Online works because it combines magic with a proprietary algorithm that mimics the classic Tarot card process. So you don't have to visit a fortune teller to use the Tarot anymore. You can do this by using the Tarot Online website and maintaining complete privacy and anonymity without leaving your home. Tarot Online is a powerful and amazing tool that will allow you to get the answer to any question with just a web browser and completely free of charge. Click on the link and read about whether Tarot works.

Tarot card divination for free online

Not many of us want to visit a fortune teller or psychic these days to share our private matters and problems with them. This state of affairs has been significantly influenced by the pandemic, of course, but it should be remembered that in the pedigree of Poles is written a faith, which contradicts with esotericism, astrology, or divination from Tarot. The image and environment of those involved in divination also does not help in overcoming these difficult beginnings. Tarot Online is an excellent and safe tool that will allow you to find out completely for free not only that it works, but also that using it can be comfortable and, above all, anonymous. Using the free Tarot Online you are 100% sure that only you know your question and the answer, and your virtual fortune teller and online divination is available every day and at any time. Tarot Online is the most effective tool in Poland for divination from Tarot for both beginners and advanced people. You do not need to have a deck of cards - all you need is a web browser and a question you want to ask. Lay out a Tarot Online spread for today, for tomorrow, for love or for and draw 1, 2 or 3 cards and see how easy it is. Click on the link and read how to read Tarot cards.

Free Tarot and free fortune telling forever

Our Tarot Online was, is and will always be free. Over the years, we have created the best Tarot Online website in Poland, which allows you to get answers to any of your questions with 100% efficiency. Whether you have a problem in love matters or professional life, you are facing a difficult decision in life or you just want to know your future Tarot Online is just for you. From the very beginning we decided that it will always be available for free, because we want to make it every day better and easier for you. Every 24 hours, you can draw one Tarot card for free for the question you have entered. You can also draw a larger or unlimited number of Tarot cards for a fee. Lay out a Tarot spread by typing in your question and choosing one of the 78 Tarot cards, then check out its description in the Tarot card meanings section. All cards follow the classic deck created by the great occultist and father of Tarot Arthur Edward Waite. Its simplicity and effectiveness means that you can interpret the Tarot cards yourself or use our help to make your answer even more accurate and relevant. Find out for free that Tarot Online works and can become your best friend in making important life decisions. Decide what Tarot divination you want for yourself today and see how easy and fast it is.

Tarot Online for relationship and love

We know that for each of us matters of love are the biggest challenge and are often the most common reason for reaching for Tarot. Using Tarot Online you can check for free what future awaits you in your relationship or when you will finally meet your other half. Type in your question and read Tarot for free, which will answer your question about love, partner and personal matters. With 3 free Tarot readings every month, you can get answers to your questions and improve your love life and your relationships with your loved ones. To learn more about how to use Tarot Online successfully, visit our blog and read the guides you will find there. Also, remember to share your thoughts and readings about Tarot cards in the Tarot card meanings and comment section. This way you will make it easier for yourself and others to interpret Tarot love spreads. Develop together with us the only such official and the best Tarot Online website in Poland and use Tarot divination for free.

Tarot Online

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Latest update: 2022.07.01

All the time, from the beginning of the Tarot Online website, our team makes every effort to make it as user-friendly, functional as possible and always available for placing Tarot cards. The Tarot Online website is based on the proprietary Tarot card drawing algorithm, thanks to which the fortune-telling on our website is 100% effective and accurate. You can see for yourself how much heart and work we put into Tarot Online by browsing the full list of changes below on the website from the beginning of its existence. Click the button below and see how, brick by brick, together with excellent industry experts in Poland, we are building the first official Tarot Online website in Poland. We are also open to your suggestions on how we can improve and improve the operation of the Tarot Online website, so if you have any suggestions, please contact us via the contact form. New versions of Tarot Online are introduced regularly, and you can find information about the current version both in the footer of the page and below. The engine version applies to the module and the Tarot card drawing algorithm and is updated only in the event of significant changes, such as the introduction of new functions.

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