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Tarot Online - Amanda


Tarot Reader

Since childhood, I have been interested in what our subconscious sees. Astrology, Tarot have been in my life for a long time. In helping people, these two interests often harmonize with my intuition and feeling, which allows me to enter the psyche of another person. Thanks to this, I am able to understand and help a person who is at the crossroads of emotions. I will advise, listen and help you in your weaker moments using Tarot cards, and you will see that by asking specific questions, you will get answers to many issues bothering you by them.

Tarot Online - Ivo


Tarot Reader

Since 2012, I have been dealing with Tarot, astrology and broadly understood parapsychology. In my practice, I use the power of the subconscious very much, which helps me predict the future effectively using Tarot cards, but also from my own intuition. I will answer all your questions, but I feel best in simple and specific Tarot schedules.

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