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Tarot Card Meanings

Discover the meaning of Tarot cards

Tarot Card Meanings

The meanings of Tarot cards are a complex matter. The meaning of Tarot cards depends, among others, on the deck of cards you use, as well as their significance and symbolic meaning in Tarot. Therefore, the meaning of the Major Arcana cards should be interpreted differently from the meaning of the Minor Arcana cards. If you want to know the meaning of Tarot cards in response to your question, however, you should follow not only their description in the book, but also your intuition, which tells you what a given card means for you.

Tarot cards are 78 cards in total and they are divided into Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. The Minor Arcana contain 56 Tarot cards in suits of Wands, Coins, Cups and Swords, while the Major Arcana have 22 Tarot cards. This makes it easier to understand the meaning of Tarot cards. To find out the meaning of Tarot cards, go to the Major or Minor Arcana and then select a card or suit. You will find there a detailed description of each card, which will make the reading easier.

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