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The Chariot

Learn the meaning of the The Chariot Tarot card

Meaning of the The Chariot Tarot card

The Chariot is a very dynamic and powerful Tarot card that appeals to masculine energy. This is evident from the card itself, which features a gray chariot on yellow circles. These signs symbolize the power of intellect and matter, and the Chariot itself is often associated with vehicles. The chariot is supported by four columns, and on its canopy we see stars. In front on the Chariot we can also see two sphinxes: one in black and the other in white. They refer to the symbolism of the Sun and the Moon, that is the consciousness and the subconscious. On the one hand, the energy of the Chariot allows you to achieve your goals with ease, while on the other hand, controlling it can sometimes be difficult or even impossible. The usher itself on the card is dressed in armor, and its epaulettes are in the shape of a golden moon. Along with the eight-pointed star visible on its head, the Chariot indicates purity and perfection, as well as trust in fate. The city visible in the distance, on the other hand, indicates that your destination is near, and it is up to you to decide what it will be. The Chariot is primarily a card of triumph, and its number seven (VII) indicates that we can only achieve it through self-belief and relentless pursuit of our goals. It represents great progress in the matter in question, but also courage and commitment.

Meaning of the The Chariot Tarot card in upright position

In an upright position, the Chariot usually indicates major changes or significant progress in the matter in question. This card may also indicate that a person of similar characteristics or appearance is involved. The upright Chariot in itself is a very good sign, especially if your question is about travel related matters. It is also an excellent card for men because in the upright position it expresses strong masculine qualities and allows you to achieve your goals. Although the Chariot in upright position does not directly refer to financial matters, it foretells a quick and significant improvement in this matter. For this reason, it very often indicates successful business travel, or simply an opportunity for promotion that is worth taking advantage of. The upright Chariot also foretells a recovery of vitality and indicates a moment in your life when nothing will be able to stop you from pursuing your own intentions. The upright Chariot also foretells an excellent time in emotional matters because it balances the masculine and feminine energies. So it also indicates great desire and a successful sex life, as well as great success with the opposite sex. The Chariot in an upright position is a symbol for athletes, physical perfection and strength. It also represents the purchase of a new vehicle and an upcoming journey.

Meaning of the The Chariot Tarot card in upright position in relation to love, sex and relationships

The upright Chariot is a very good sign in male and female emotional matters. In relation to ongoing relationships, the card portends a time when you will be able to overcome past difficulties together. However, this will only be possible if you maintain a balance between your pursuits. The upright Chariot also reminds you to use your wits and emotions skillfully. For single people, the Chariot in the upright position foretells a chance for a completely new and exciting emotional relationship. For a woman it could mean meeting the partner of her dreams, and for a man it could mean winning the heart of his chosen one. The upright Chariot indicates a huge fire of passion in relationships and for this reason it directly speaks of fertility associated with male sexuality. The card foretells a time of great endeavors and conquests of hearts. It also not infrequently says that love and matters of affection are your greatest motivation in life. The upright Chariot indicates all good fortune in relationships with people, and a time when your efforts will be appreciated by them. This card encourages you to take bold actions, as they will bring you the expected results very quickly. Follow only your own will in your romantic affairs and do not let yourself lose control of the situation.

Meaning of the The Chariot Tarot card in reversed position

The reversed Chariot most often indicates a loss of life balance and problems with achieving your intentions. For this reason, the card may indicate a delay in the matter in question, but you can still regain control of the situation. Very often the reversed Chariot is identified with cancelled trips or the problems that may accompany them. Trouble can particularly involve vehicles, so the card advises you to be very careful when renting or buying them. The Chariot in reversed position is also an omen of impending obstacles and adversity that you must overcome on your way. In such a situation you will need to be very persistent, but also able to control your emotions and weaknesses. With the reversed Chariot you can also expect bad news to come, as well as stagnation in professional and financial matters. The card very often speaks of physical struggle and aggression or, on the contrary, lack of strength and exhaustion. In the case of illness, the reversed Chariot will symbolize a prolonged period of convalescence, and in private matters it will bring additional chaos and difficulty in concentration. This card encourages you to regain your self-confidence, as well as the necessary resources that will allow you to take charge of your own destiny again.

Meaning of the The Chariot Tarot card in reversed position in relation to love, sex and relationships

In questions about relationships the reversed Chariot is not a good sign. First of all, it indicates a difficulty in controlling one's emotions and a failure to use the power of one's intellect. It also portends problems between the male and female sex, which can lead to further conflicts. In relationships, the Chariot in a reversed position may be a sign of hindered or completely broken communication between partners. Thus, it foretells abandonment of a common goal and lack of progress. This card in a reversed position will also indicate male problems related to bed matters. The reversed Chariot also symbolizes a submissive man who lacks courage in himself and also fails to be assertive with his environment. His actions may be chaotic and indecisive, making him less successful with the opposite sex. On the other hand, the card may indicate a blind pursuit of goals and the winning of women's hearts. The reversed Chariot in relation to a man also indicates a loss of control over emotional matters. The card points to a lack of a suitable partner for the woman around her. The reversed Chariot also encourages you to find a balance between pursuing your ambitions and nurturing close relationships.

Information about the The Chariot Tarot card

Other names of the The Chariot Tarot card


Names of the The Chariot Tarot card in other languages

Der Wagen, Rydwan

Group of the The Chariot Tarot card

Major Arcana

Keywords of the The Chariot Tarot card

Triumph, strong will, control, achieving goals with own goals, power to overcome difficulties, new forces, new ideas, progress

Keywords of the The Chariot Tarot card in upright position

Success, victory, departure, new stage in life, overcoming difficulties in life, getting help, support, promotion, rapid change, business trip, male sexuality, car, buying a new one or change it

Słowa kluczowe karty Tarota The Chariot w pozycji odwróconej

Loss of control over a situation, abuse of power, brutality, failure, arguments, trip cancellation, bad news, car problems

Colors of the The Chariot Tarot Card

Yellow, orange, amber, brown

Zodiac signs of the The Chariot Tarot card

Cancer, Gemini

Planets of the The Chariot Tarot card


Elements of the The Chariot Tarot card


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