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Learn the meaning of the Death Tarot card

Meaning of the Death Tarot card

Death in Tarot evokes fear not only because of the scene depicted on it, but especially because of its name. Death, which the Major Arcana of Tarot numbered 13 (XIII), depicts the fourth horseman of the apocalypse riding across a field landscape on a white horse. Death in Tarot is dressed in black armor, and this combination symbolizes both purification and a time of impending change. The rider of the apocalypse hand holds a banner with the sign of the white rose in his left, meaning transience and new life. This card itself is, above all, a symbol of transformation, which is also emphasized by the red feather pinned to his helmet. This, in turn, will not pass anyone by, which has been presented by the figures of the dead king, the kneeling woman with child and the bishop. And although the whole image resembles the biblical apocalypse, the Death in Tarot does not announce the end, but the beginning. This is indicated by the flowing river, which is a symbol of the road to new life, and the rising sun in the distance. So it turns out that the Death in Tarot is one of the best we can see, because instead of suffering as in 10 Swords, the final card foretells release. For in the face of death we are all equal and all we can do is accept the changes that are coming.

Meaning of the Death Tarot card in upright position

Death in an upright position symbolizes a coming transformation in your life that will have a profound effect on the course of your life. When the card appears in a timetable, it means that you are about to experience events that will bring about irrevocable, but necessary changes in you. The upright Death indicates a time of evolution of consciousness, with which the events ending a certain stage of life may be connected. For this reason, this card often portends the end of a relationship or a career change. Once these events have passed, nothing will be the same as before, and perhaps even irrevocably. It is important to note that Death in an upright position does not indicate a physical passing away. Therefore, you should not be afraid of it, because in the upright position this card indicates that this is the best time to make your transformation. So, you should not resist these changes in any way, as with time they will bring significant improvements in your entire life. So it is important to make room for what is new and let go of what is stale. With regard to material matters, a upright Death may indicate a complete loss of possessions. In the face of death, however, nothing physical matters, and all that matters is the everlasting spark of eternal life within you.

Meaning of the Death Tarot card in upright position in relation to love, sex and relationships

Death in an upright Position in relation to relationships can have two meanings for you. The first will speak of a complete transformation of the existing relationship that will require you and the other person to make profound changes and decisions. In the second meaning, the upright Death will indicate the ending of a relationship that may have been limiting your growth. Thus, this may apply to both intimate and business relationships. The upright Death under certain circumstances may also indicate the rebirth of a previously ended relationship. In relation to bed matters, it indicates the complete absence of needs or their physical realization. Also in the case of feelings, an upright Death is not the best sign as it will indicate an emotional void. For those in a relationship, the upright Death will therefore be a serious test of life that you are about to face. For singles, the upright Death indicates the moment when you should finally let go of the past and open up to new relationships. Thus, it does not in itself herald love, but it does create space in your life for a whole new quality. The upright Death encourages the transformation of your emotional life and the final liberation from negative people and relationships.

Meaning of the Death Tarot card in reversed position

Death in the reversed position in the Tarot will most often indicate that you are resisting changes that are necessary for you. This is because this card symbolizes the fear of ending a certain stage and transforming your life so far. Clinging to the past and to the people associated with it can hinder your evolution, and so a reversed Death encourages you to let go of what no longer fits you. This card can also, on the contrary, indicate a moment when a certain stage of your life has not yet closed, so you cannot move forward. Death in a reversed position can also indicate illness, especially the associated fear of physically passing away. However, it does not predict such events per se, although it can indeed be associated with a loss of faith in life, and sometimes even depression. The reversed Death advises you not to resist the necessary changes in life, and to let go of what no longer fits into your life. Otherwise, this card will foretell drastic events that will force you to finally leave certain places and people behind. Death in a reversed position, under certain circumstances, symbolizes near-death situations, or situations where you will have to face your fears.

Meaning of the Death Tarot card in reversed position in relation to love, sex and relationships

Death in the reversed position is not the best signal for both ongoing and new relationships. This is because it indicates a problem in emotionally letting go of the past, which will prevent you from building a new relationship. The reversed Death is also a sign of long-standing problems between you that cannot be resolved for some reason. Under certain circumstances this card may have a more positive tone and indicate feelings that are still present towards the other person. However, all of this will be accompanied by an attempt to break free from a difficult relationship and start over. Death in a reversed position may therefore advise you to make such a decision if you are able to accept the consequences. On the other hand, the card may on the contrary mean to make an attempt to transform and rebuild your current relationship. The reversed Death also represents your accompanying fear of loneliness, which may result from dependence on your partner on various levels. This card may also foretell the rebuilding of a relationship that once experienced an end under certain circumstances. For those who are single, the reversed Death advises you to let go of past habits that may have been the cause of poor partner choices and love failures.

Information about the Death Tarot card

Other names of the Death Tarot card


Names of the Death Tarot card in other languages

Der Tod, Śmierć

Group of the Death Tarot card

Major Arcana

Keywords of the Death Tarot card

Transformation, something old must end and make way for the new, perseverance, how to change yourself, conflict between conscious and unconscious

Keywords of the Death Tarot card in upright position

Total change in life, surgery, loss of someone important, goodbye, end of a stage in life, unavoidable events, recovery, to start with the new, the old must go

Słowa kluczowe karty Tarota Death w pozycji odwróconej

Transformation, fear of change, clinging to the past, old beliefs, relationships, terminal illness, suicidal thoughts, loss of hope, faith in the meaning of life, fear of death and fundamental change, depression

Colors of the Death Tarot Card

Green, brown

Zodiac signs of the Death Tarot card


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Elements of the Death Tarot card


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