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The Devil

Learn the meaning of the The Devil Tarot card

Meaning of the The Devil Tarot card

The Devil in an upright position is marked with the number XV. It both symbolically and literally refers to Lucifer. He is represented by a figure sitting on a pedestal, which has great horns, wings and women's breasts. Attached to the pedestal are two naked figures, which, like on card the Lovers, represent Adam and Eve. However, they have tails and horns and are completely naked. Thus, the Devil refers to the enslavement of man, the restriction of his freedom, and the exposure of his weaknesses. However, their chains remain loose, indicating that this is solely due to their own decision, which they can change at any time. The Devil has the symbol of an inverted pentagram on his forehead, which also refers to Satan. In his left hand is a lit torch pointing downward, and his right hand with the sign of Saturn is open and raised upward. The whole card has a black and dark background, which together with its symbolism indicates impurity, but also attachment to matter. The Devil in Tarot directly relates to all earthly temptations and related human weaknesses. It is the card of all addictions, especially those related to sexual and financial matters. The Devil is also a sign of toxic relationships that are difficult to break free from.

Meaning of the The Devil Tarot card in upright position

The Devil in the upright position, although directly indicating the achievement of personal gain, is not a positive card. It is most often a sign of impure intentions and the pursuit of your own goals at the expense of others. Therefore, in Tarot this card is very often a serious warning against people around you who may want to harm you. The upright Devil also very often signifies a desire to wield power over other people and to focus your life exclusively on material matters. This can herald financial gain, and any actions taken with this card will be completely voluntary, but also devoid of any moral principles. If this is the case, the upright Devil will indicate mainly the satisfaction of one's physical needs. Sometimes the upright Devil points only to some demonic thoughts that may not necessarily manifest in your life. However, it may turn out that in the near future you will have to face lies and manipulation or even threats from other people. However, you may be the one with hidden plans and evil intentions towards someone. The Devil in an upright position can also warn you of physical danger. For this reason, this card always advises you to reclaim your freedom and reject all weaknesses.

Meaning of the The Devil Tarot card in upright position in relation to love, sex and relationships

The Devil in the upright position is a symbol, first of all, of toxic and difficult to end relationships. On the other hand, it is very often associated with immense passion and desire, which is not easy to give up. The upright Devil points to the realization of physical urges by enslaving or humiliating the other person. For this reason, this card may refer to suspicious sexual practices, which, however, can be carried out with the consent and benefit of both parties. The Devil in the upright position represents all kinds of weaknesses and impure thoughts that may ultimately remain only in your subconscious. When you see the Devil in upright position it is a warning that there may be someone in your environment who has insincere and possibly harmful intentions for you. The upright Devil is also a reference to relationships based solely on aspects of physical or material gain. This card can indicate dangerous and restrictive relationships where domination by one party and pervasive lying becomes a problem. The upright Devil can also speak of a selfish or even hedonistic approach to relationships. However, it predicts success with the opposite sex and the satisfaction of one's needs. However, you should be wary of people who may be destructive to you with this card.

Meaning of the The Devil Tarot card in reversed position

The Devil in the reversed position may indicate a complete shedding of previous limitations. This may have a good meaning if it results in freeing yourself from uncomfortable and unfavorable views or relationships. On the other hand, the reversed Devil may indicate that you are giving in to your weaknesses even more. This means that with the reversed Devil, you no longer have any moral boundaries, so it is difficult for you to judge your own decisions. Because of this, this card foretells events that may involve you abusing your power and sometimes even intentionally harming others. The reversed Devil points directly to physical violence, doing evil and extreme negative emotions. It is therefore a very dangerous sign in Tarot, warning you against falling into total destruction and losing yourself in your desires. The devil in the reversed position has no respect for other people, social values, and in his actions can go as far as to offend God. This is a temptation that is difficult to resist, and which brings a number of negative consequences for you. If you have been through such experiences, the Devil in a reversed position will herald the release from previous problems and addictions.

Meaning of the The Devil Tarot card in reversed position in relation to love, sex and relationships

The Devil in the reversed position in relation to relationships will most often herald a release from a toxic relationship. It may mean the end of the relationship or regaining control over it, or even purifying it. The reversed Devil may also symbolize exposing someone's negative intentions, which will allow you to protect yourself from the negative effects of that person's actions. Thus, it is a harbinger of regaining your freedom, but also of making conscious choices. Even if you decide to continue giving in to your emotional temptations the reversed Devil indicates that you will be well aware of the price you will pay for it. This card in this position also indicates a determined pursuit of your physical needs and erotic fantasies. The reversed Devil also indicates practicing fornication, and in extreme situations can even lead to sexual violence. On the other hand, the card may symbolize a complete moral decline and contempt for other people. Most often, however, it will be a positive sign that can initiate significant changes in your emotional life. However, the healing process may be long and will require you to have the inner determination to overcome your inner demons.

Information about the The Devil Tarot card

Other names of the The Devil Tarot card


Names of the The Devil Tarot card in other languages

Der Teufel, Diabeł

Group of the The Devil Tarot card

Major Arcana

Keywords of the The Devil Tarot card

Self-esteem growth, gaining benefit through another's loss, man is made for freedom

Keywords of the The Devil Tarot card in upright position

Living on the tether of someone or something, addiction, evil, hatred, violence, power at all costs, lying, lust, seduction, life based on the realization of all temptations, liberation depends only on you

Słowa kluczowe karty Tarota The Devil w pozycji odwróconej

Jealousy, aggression and anger problems, being a prisoner of addiction, abuse of power, despotism, contempt for people and all moral, religious values, suspicious sexual techniques

Colors of the The Devil Tarot Card

Blue, black

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