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The Emperor

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The Emperor Tarot card meaning

The Emperor, also known as the Ruler, is another of the cards belonging to the Major Arcana of Tarot. It is marked with the number four, which directly relates to stability, the most important characteristic of this card. It is in the midst of built structures that the Emperor feels most comfortable exercising authority over the resources entrusted to him. This is because he is identified with power, but also with making the right decisions and choices. This can also be seen on the card itself, where the gray-bearded Emperor sits in his armor on a massive, wrought-iron throne. It is adorned with the head of a ram, which this relates to the astrological sign of the Emperor. It is for this reason that he is attributed with qualities such as stubborn determination, but also independence and courage in action. In his right hand he holds a scepter, which symbolizes power based on reason, and in his left hand he holds a royal apple, which refers to earthly power. Confidently and decisively he looks ahead, and behind him we see rocky mountains. The Emperor in Tarot is the true and supreme Ruler, who cares about order, but also about his own safety and that of his loved ones. For this reason, he is also a symbol of masculinity and a father, and in the case of cards such as the Empress, also a husband. He is also a mature person with great social authority, and often the head of a large company and an entrepreneur.

Upright The Emperor Tarot card meaning

The Emperor in an upright position represents all the best qualities of this card and will indicate very often a typical ruler. The person depicted in the upright Emperor is usually a middle-aged or older man who has a great deal of experience, as well as great wisdom and prudence in action. For this reason, the upright Emperor can very often represent your father, husband, or even your boss, on whom you can rely in difficult times. This is because such a person not only has impeccable authority, but is also able to look at things with much more detachment. The Emperor in the upright position predicts stability and order in the matter in question. It also indicates making sensible decisions that will not be influenced by your emotions. Moreover, the upright Emperor encourages you to stand by your views and your attitude, because only such action can bring you success. So you must now act on the strength of your reason and your previous experience, but also remember the people who rely on you. The Emperor in the upright position is also a good sign for material or health matters and predicts a feeling of security in them. It also indicates professional success and holding high social positions.

Upright The Emperor love, sex and relationships Tarot card meaning

In questions about relationships the Emperor in the upright position points directly to a man with the characteristics of this card. He will be mature, strong, confident and decisive which will attract the opposite sex. The upright Emperor is very successful with women, for whom he may become a husband or even the head of the family. The upright Emperor is a strong, masculine card, so it is always accompanied by feminine energy, as well as high sexuality. However, you should not expect from such a person tender confessions or romantic moments that the Knight of Cups can offer you. The Emperor in an upright position represents his love mainly by providing material security and wise support to his loved ones, which you can always count on from his side. Despite this, however, it indicates the stable and deep feelings that the person depicted in the upright Emperor has for you. In the case of women, it very often indicates a successful relationship or a family in which he is in charge. Although in certain circumstances the upright Emperor can be harsh and demanding towards his loved ones he always does so for the common good. The Emperor in the upright position foretells both finding a partner and building a family of one's own.

Reversed The Emperor Tarot card meaning

The reversed Emperor is a card that represents the negative qualities of a ruler. Thus, he may become an abusive tyrant or, on the contrary, weak and lacking in authority. The reversed Emperor can therefore describe both your qualities and point to a person who has a decisive influence on your cause. When you see the Emperor in a reversed position then you can expect a ruthless and selfish action from his side that will make you lose your sense of stability. Very often, a reversed Emperor indicates a difficult professional situation in which you may lose your position or your influence. The card also warns you against making immature decisions or acting destructively on your surroundings. In addition, the reversed Emperor will be very strict and demanding, which may make it impossible for you to meet his demands. Moreover, in the case of the reversed card, his actions may be devoid of logic or even completely subordinated to his emotions. For this reason, the reversed Emperor encourages you to remain calm and make all decisions based on your reason. The card also indicates a lack of father and male role models in the child's life. The Emperor in a reversed position also encourages you to build your own structures.

Reversed The Emperor love, sex and relationships Tarot card meaning

In questions about relationships, the reversed Emperor primarily indicates a sense of instability and sometimes unsustainable feelings from a man. The card may also speak of difficulty in providing your family and loved ones with a sense of emotional and material security. The Emperor in the reversed position also points to a weak and submissive man, who may be completely dependent on his woman's decisions in a relationship. On the other hand, in the case of a woman, this card may say that she will not be a suitable candidate for a husband or a father. The reversed Emperor also sometimes indicates the lack of a father in the child's life, which in the future may become the reason for his bad life choices of partners. In relation to men, the card may speak of frequent change of women and lack of desire to settle down, and in the case of women, of difficulty in finding the man of their life. The Emperor in a reversed position can also indicate conflicts resulting from power struggles in a relationship. A person with the characteristics of this card is not only completely devoid of feelings, but also destructive towards those close to them. For this reason, the card advises to strike a balance between the need for stability and controlling others. Also avoid being possessive and apodictic towards your partner.

The Emperor Tarot card information

The Emperor Tarot card other names


The Emperor Tarot card in different languages

Der Herrscher, Cesarz

The Emperor Tarot card group

Major Arcana

The Emperor Tarot card keywords

Authority, maturity, perseverance, power, leadership, courage, right choices

The Emperor Tarot card upright keywords

Authority, security, masculinity, father, maturity, responsibility, courage, financial stability, success, boss, husband

The Emperor Tarot card reversed keywords

Internal weakness, lack of authority, immaturity, abuse of power, despotism, professional instability, inability to make mature decisions, loss of power

The Emperor Tarot card colors

Red, scarlet

The Emperor Tarot card signs of the zodiac


The Emperor Tarot card planets

Jupiter, Mars

The Emperor Tarot card elements


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