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The Empress

Learn the meaning of the The Empress Tarot card

Meaning of the The Empress Tarot card

The Empress is number 3 in Tarot and is the third character represented in the Major Arcana after the Priestess. The Empress, also known as the Ruler, is one of the most important archetypes in the entire Tarot deck. It depicts a beautiful, well-groomed and mature woman with light hair sitting on a throne. She is surrounded by a beautiful landscape representing nature in bloom. And indeed the Empress in Tarot is a symbol primarily of growth, good harvest, prosperity and success in every field. This is especially true in material matters, since the Empress is much concerned with her standard of living. However, the Empress is not only a resourceful and commanding woman who allows only the true Emperor into her life. She is also a loving and tender woman, an excellent lover, mother and wife, who will gladly support her partner with her resources and delight with her beauty. She is also called the Ruler for a reason, as she undoubtedly possesses great power. It could be said that the Empress turns plans and subconscious aspirations into the practical realization of your goals. The Empress in Tarot is very often also a symbol of a woman who is simply very attractive and confident. In a general sense, it also speaks of great creativity and inventiveness.

Meaning of the The Empress Tarot card in upright position

The Empress in an upright position is a good sign that predicts good fortune in any matter you ask the Tarot about. This is because the upright Empress indicates creativity, creative power and fertility which will help to bring you the desired results. It heralds an excellent time when all your needs will be met. The Empress in an upright position is an excellent sign when you ask the Tarot about financial matters, as it indicates successful investments, growth and ultimately material gain. This card is also very predictive of pregnancy and, in the case of women, finding your place on earth. It is also a symbol of beauty and sexuality, therefore it heralds success with the opposite sex or meeting the dream partner in case of a man. The upright Empress heralds success in love affairs or even blossoming of feelings in an ongoing or new relationship. It indicates self-confidence, high self-esteem and a sense of high self-worth. Moreover, the Empress in an upright position foretells a time of fulfillment, joy, in which you can enjoy and make the most of the best moments of your life. It foretells a situation in which you will experience luxury, prosperity and power through your actions and decisions.

Meaning of the The Empress Tarot card in upright position in relation to love, sex and relationships

The Empress in an upright position is a very good sign for love affairs, especially if the question is about a woman. This is because the card points to a time when you will experience emotional fulfillment, and you will also get a chance to meet the partner of your dreams. The upright Empress predicts great success with the opposite sex, which you will owe to your social position, and very often also to your beauty. Also for men, the upright Empress is a positive card, because it represents the moment when you will meet the woman of your life, or at least a partner who will be very close to your ideal. The upright Empress is a card that is directly identified with deep feelings, but also with the physical aspects of life. Thus, it indicates passion, great desire and a successful sex life, and in case of permanent relationships, additionally love and full commitment. The positive overtone of the upright Empress in relationships is even stronger than that of the Ace of Cups and for this reason it is very often combined with complete success in these matters. When you see this card in your question regarding relationships and feelings then know that you are in for a carefree and very enjoyable time that you will spend with those close to you.

Meaning of the The Empress Tarot card in reversed position

The Empress in a reversed position is one of those Tarot cards that, even when reversed, does not in itself foretell bad events. However, in this case we can begin to see the negative traits of the person she represents. In this case, the reversed Empress is describing a woman who is mainly lazy, but also too focused on material matters. If this card describes you, it will also indicate problems with your self-esteem, which can lead you to complexes or to overly critical attitude towards other people. The reversed Empress also predicts problems in material and professional matters and delays in fulfilling your plans. The reversed Empress can indicate loss of position at work or social standing, which can be associated with abuse of power. The reversed Empress will be characterized by selfish and calculating attitude towards those around her, which can further compound her problems. For men, the reversed Empress may indicate problems with a (his) mother or wife, or another person with the characteristics of this Tarot card. When you see this card then know that upcoming problems may turn out to be bigger than you think.

Meaning of the The Empress Tarot card in reversed position in relation to love, sex and relationships

When it comes to relationships, the Empress in a reversed position often indicates problems with getting pregnant. It may also indicate that the woman is not planning to become a mother, or at least not planning to have a steady partner. The Empress in a reversed position may also indicate a woman who is sexually promiscuous or completely closed off. She may, for various reasons, have excessive expectations of her partners, and may have trouble allowing them into the private part of her life. In an ongoing relationship the Empress in reverse indicates that she may be completely dependent on her partner, or may be using her power against him. Moreover, the Empress in a reversed position may speak of unhappy or false love, whose only bond will be the material things that bind you together. For a man, the reversed Empress indicates that he has not yet found the one with whom he can create a future together. Sometimes it may mean that he is simply not serious about women, and even less so about the current relationship. Also, the Empress in a reversed position foretells problems in expressing his feelings, so it encourages him to spend more time together.

Information about the The Empress Tarot card

Other names of the The Empress Tarot card


Names of the The Empress Tarot card in other languages

Die Herrscherin, Cesarzowa

Group of the The Empress Tarot card

Major Arcana

Keywords of the The Empress Tarot card

The need for adoration, rebirth, emotional security, implementing plans, making the right decision, harvesting one's work, joy, trust, self-acceptance, creative energy, decisiveness, knowledge, literary, scientific and artistic creativity

Keywords of the The Empress Tarot card in upright position

Mother Earth, creativity, personal growth, femininity, sensuality, pregnancy, confidence, independence, life knowledge, positive outlook, lover

Słowa kluczowe karty Tarota The Empress w pozycji odwróconej

Inability to solve problems, selfishness, loss of power and independence, promiscuity, possessiveness, infidelity, helplessness, denial of feelings

Colors of the The Empress Tarot Card

Green, white, red, blue

Zodiac signs of the The Empress Tarot card


Planets of the The Empress Tarot card


Elements of the The Empress Tarot card


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