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The Hierophant

Learn the meaning of the The Hierophant Tarot card

Meaning of the The Hierophant Tarot card

On the Hierophant Tarot card we see a rather young figure sitting on his throne. This time, however, there are no symbols around him as on the Priestess. The Hierophant is dressed in a papal red robe, and on his head is a triple tiara. He holds a cross in his left hand and raises his right hand in a gesture of blessing and teaching. The Hierophant, also known in Tarot as the Pope, is pointing to both the explicit and implicit knowledge that we share with the world around us. In front of him there are two people who are most likely listening to his words. They are most likely clergy, as their clothing indicates purity and divine love. The Hierophant card also has two chessboard stripes and crossed keys at the Hierophant's feet, which indicate connections between the conscious and unconscious. The Hierophant very often symbolizes the Catholic faith, but also spiritual matters, or simply those related to science. Since the symbolism of this card includes a pope, it should also be interpreted as a reference to one's own system of values. The Pope is also a symbol of norms and socially accepted principles. It is also a card of attachment to tradition, but also of wisdom that this person can share with us.

Meaning of the The Hierophant Tarot card in upright position

In an upright position, the Pope relatively often indicates ecclesiastical matters, or those in which we have some kind of teaching to do. This card also very often describes a person who has moral authority, as well as acts in accordance with higher values. This person may be a member of the church, but also a teacher or someone you can always count on. The upright Pope in the Tarot may also, under certain circumstances, describe you and it will then point to you acting in accordance with your own morals. This is because the upright Hierophant does not in itself indicate change, but rather doing everything to avoid it. The card foreshadows any church ceremony such as a wedding, but also in certain circumstances a funeral. In itself, however, it speaks of the kindness we can receive from the person represented by the Hierophant in an upright position. It also foreshadows the protection of higher forces, as well as the ability to use one's consciousness and unconsciousness. The upright Pope also encourages us to reveal the truth and to act in accordance with honesty and tradition. A card in this position can also indicate a time of learning and exploring your faith. When asked, it advises you to accept the rules imposed by others.

Meaning of the The Hierophant Tarot card in upright position in relation to love, sex and relationships

In questions about love, the upright Pope, like the Priestess in the same position, indicates a deep and lasting love that can unite two people. So it is a card that very often speaks of long relationships most often sealed with the sacrament of marriage. In some circumstances, the Hierophant in an upright position can speak of an engagement, but the card itself never indicates any imminent changes in the matter in question. Thus, it will not be the best sign for single people, because in such a situation it may indicate a period when you are yet to find a suitable partner for yourself. As far as sexual matters are concerned, the upright Hierophant may indicate staying celibate or having sex, which will happen only after marriage. In the case of men, therefore, the card directly indicates a virgin. The Pope in Tarot can be either a husband, a father, or another person who is always there to help you and give you good advice. In terms of relationships, it indicates a time of testing your feelings towards the other person, as well as a time when we may experience some cleansing or even forgive someone. This card also represents divine love, which you can experience yourself, as well as give to others around you. With this card, faith and tradition play an important role in the relationship.

Meaning of the The Hierophant Tarot card in reversed position

The reversed Hierophant is very often identified with the figure of a false prophet or someone who preaches views contrary to existing dogma. The reversed Pope will therefore be someone you need to be especially careful of, because such a person can be devotional and try to convince you of their truths at all costs. This card is also very often pointing to a person who persists stubbornly in their entrenched views, principles and beliefs. Because of this, it is very difficult to convince them to change their attitude or opinion on the matter in question. The reversed Hierophant will insist on being right to the very end, even if he knows himself to be wrong. This card could refer to the leader of a cult or simply someone who acts dishonestly and immorally toward you. On the other hand, if your question is answered by a reversed Hierophant, you may be fed up with the rules and want to break free from the structures that limit you. This may be due to the fact that you are not in full control of your life and that you lack freedom of action. Thus, the Hierophant in the reversed position advises you to discard the existing and well-known ways, and try to solve the problem unconventionally. The reversed Pope also symbolizes the cancellation of church ceremonies and atheism.

Meaning of the The Hierophant Tarot card in reversed position in relation to love, sex and relationships

The Pope in a reversed position may indicate non-sacramental relationships or those whose existence is inconsistent with accepted religious views. In addition, the card may symbolize relationships that are conservative and therefore boring and somewhat limiting. The reversed Hierophant is also a sign that in an ongoing relationship you may have a completely different value system, or even try to change it at all costs. The reversed Hierophant warns you that the person you are asking may not be completely honest and forthright with you. Because of this, you will not hear the truth from him or her and instead can expect hypocritical actions and attempted manipulation. The reversed Pope advises you to be especially wary of such people, as they can bring even more problems into your life. This card also indicates sexual practices that go against social norms. In the case of single people, the reversed Hierophant symbolizes the desire for unconventional relationships that may involve people of the same sex. Under certain circumstances, a card in a reversed position may indicate that it is a good time to break from routine. Try new methods for old problems, but don't make all the changes to relationships with loved ones right away.

Information about the The Hierophant Tarot card

Other names of the The Hierophant Tarot card

Hierophant, The Pope, Pope

Names of the The Hierophant Tarot card in other languages

Der Hierophant, Kapłan

Group of the The Hierophant Tarot card

Major Arcana

Keywords of the The Hierophant Tarot card

Piety, conservatism, great authority, giving expert advice and assistance, interest in spiritual matters, prudence

Keywords of the The Hierophant Tarot card in upright position

Hierophant, faith, religious principles, education, upbringing, teacher, moral authority, idealism, spiritual values, compassion, good friend, therapist, marriage, follow your own will and wisdom, start learning

Słowa kluczowe karty Tarota The Hierophant w pozycji odwróconej

Devotion, spiritual crisis, gullibility, submissiveness, learning difficulties, concentration, servility, hypocrisy, dogmatism, cynicism, bad teacher, therapist, guru

Colors of the The Hierophant Tarot Card

Red, blue

Zodiac signs of the The Hierophant Tarot card


Planets of the The Hierophant Tarot card


Elements of the The Hierophant Tarot card


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