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Get to know the meaning of the card Judgement

Judgement Tarot card meaning

In Tarot, the card Judgment is marked with the number twenty (XX) and its symbolism refers to the great change. It is in no way associated with the biblical Last Judgment, although the figure of the Archangel Gabriel on the card may evoke such associations. On it, he emerges from among the clouds with a golden trumpet, from which a sound is emitted. The sound of this trumpet makes even the dead rise from their graves in a gesture of welcome. In the background of the Judgment we see land and mountains, which symbolize the connection of earth and heaven. The colors of the card and the symbols on it point to purification and transformation. The Judgment is not a symbol of physical death or resurrection, but of a moment when you can take stock of your life, and make a great transformation in it. The Judgment is often a sign of awakening and even resolution of past problems, allowing you to return to physical and mental health. This card heralds great changes in your life and may indicate a turn toward God and the spiritual side of life. In this case, however, it is up to you to examine your conscience and take stock of your actions.

Upright Judgement Tarot card meaning

The Judgment in an upright position often indicates a moment of great metamorphosis, during which you can count on the favor of higher powers. This card is a very positive sign, indicating a time of spiritual, but also physical healing. The upright Judgment also indicates the successful conclusion of your affairs, or the overcoming of previous obstacles. It is also associated with forgiveness and the restoration of old relationships, and directly alludes to family. For this reason, the Judgment in the upright position may foretell the enlargement of your family, or at least a very good relationship between its members. In itself, the card does not indicate mundane matters, so it should not be associated with an improvement in material circumstances, although it may symbolically indicate a period of good luck in professional or financial matters. The upright Judgment is also a sign of great faith, and sometimes a priestly vocation, which may turn into service to other people. In Tarot the upright Judgment is also, an indication of finally letting go of the past and undergoing inner transcendence. It also foreshadows a time when someone may judge your past actions.

Upright Judgement love, sex and relationships Tarot card meaning

This Judgment in an upright position is definitely a positive sign in questions about all relationships. In relation to your family, it indicates a time when you can count on the support and assistance of your loved ones. The upright Judgment is also a symbol of deep love, which combined with great faith will help you to survive the greatest problems and trials of time. The upright Judgment is often a sign of improvement in an ongoing relationship, and for single people it is a chance to find new love. This card is also a sign of reconciliation and forgiveness, so it is possible to rebuild your relationship. The upright Judgment also predicts upcoming changes that will improve your love life and your relationship. In some circumstances, it could also mean letting go of the past, which could mean ending relationships that are important to you. The upright Judgment will also advise you to review what has happened so far, and make a judgment based on that. Remember, however, to pay attention to your own actions and to do some deep self-reflection.

Reversed Judgement Tarot card meaning

The Judgment, when reversed, very often indicates an escape from responsibility for one's actions, and an unwillingness to make significant changes in one's life. However, in the face of upcoming events, it may be necessary for you to close a phase and move forward. The Judgment in a reversed position may also indicate that you are reluctant to learn from your experiences, and you may be experiencing failures in the same areas time after time. Your attention may be mostly focused on your surroundings, so you may be overly critical of those around you and fail to see your own mistakes. The Judgment in the reversed position may foretell a time of painful and unavoidable events in your life, but which will significantly change your outlook on life. This card may also help you to see the truth and gain valuable information that will allow you to change your current assessment of your situation. The reversed Judgment may also portend family and health problems and those that may prove difficult or even impossible to overcome. This card also indicates losing litigation or the possibility of becoming a victim of false action or unfair judgment.

Reversed Judgement love, sex and relationships Tarot card meaning

The Judgment in a reversed position very often indicates complications in relationships with other people. This card may mean that you are too critical of other people's actions, or that you are the victim of someone else's unfair judgment. The reversed Judgment is also a symbol of difficulty in understanding each other's needs, which is due to your difficulties in communication. In such a situation, the card will communicate that you are struggling to resolve issues and close a certain stage of your life. On the other hand, The Judgment in the reversed position may symbolize fear of change and making important decisions about your future together. In terms of ongoing relationships, the reversed Judgment will also indicate insecurity and possible dishonesty on the part of one of the parties. Thus, the card is not a positive sign, but on its own it can indicate great feelings. The reversed Judgment is also a sign of problems in the family, which may even lead to its complete breakdown. For this reason, the card encourages dialogue, honesty, and purification in relationships with loved ones. Learn from your experiences to overcome your weaknesses and rebuild your love life.

Judgement Tarot card information

Judgement Tarot card other names

The Last Judgement, Last Judgement, The Spirit of the Primal Fire

Judgement Tarot card in different languages

Das Gericht, Sąd Ostateczny

Judgement Tarot card group

Major Arcana

Judgement Tarot card keywords

This card has nothing to do with the biblical Last Judgment, it is associated with a symbolic change in man, it does not symbolize death, but awakening

Judgement Tarot card upright keywords

Awakening to life, life balance, forgiveness for self and others, pension, retirement, life balance, turning to God and spiritual values, recovery, problem solving

Judgement Tarot card reversed keywords

Fear of change, death, cowardice, weakness, lack of inner faith

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Judgement Tarot card signs of the zodiac

Scorpio, Sagittarius

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