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Learn the meaning of the Justice Tarot card

Meaning of the Justice Tarot card

Justice (XI) shows a queen sitting on a throne, wearing a red toga with a green collar. On her head is a three-pronged crown, which refers to righteousness based on reason, love and goodwill. The person on the Justice of Tarot is holding a sword in her right hand with the blade pointing upwards, which indicates the use of the power of one's intellect and acting justly and objectively. The scales in her left hand have a similar meaning, emphasizing her ability to find balance in her decisions. Underneath her dress, her right foot sticks out, which is interpreted as a symbol of consciousness. Above her we see the golden sky, which refers to the clarity of her mind. Justice in Tarot, in its absolute expression, indicates above all making judgments about situations or people with the help of logical thinking. It is a card that is primarily identified with a court that dispenses justice. This means that a decision will be made based on the evidence presented and the deeds done beforehand. For this reason, judgment can have different facets, and the Justice itself is often associated with a moment of purification. It can also indicate an inner judgment and a summing up of past decisions.

Meaning of the Justice Tarot card in upright position

Justice in an upright position points primarily to the moment of reckoning of past deeds. This could be true for you, or you could be the judge in someone else's case. Regardless, what is certain is that Justice in an upright position indicates a harsh verdict without any sentimentality. For this reason, the card encourages you to rely solely on logical thinking, but also to find balance and justice in your way of doing things. However, keep in mind that an upright Justice does not indicate objective judgment, which is equated with Judgment. In this situation, we are dealing with a subjective judgment based solely on the information you have acquired. Therefore, it is important to analyze all the facts and make a decision based on them. In addition, Justice in an upright position may indicate taking legal steps which, depending on other cards, may bring you liberation from a difficult situation or time to pay off debts. For this reason, an upright Justice can herald winning court cases as well as success in formal matters. A person in a formal position may help you in putting things in order and closing a problematic stage of your life.

Meaning of the Justice Tarot card in upright position in relation to love, sex and relationships

Justice in an upright position in relationship questions can have two very different facets. On the one hand, it can be a sign of equal and fair treatment by both parties. It is therefore a very favorable sign in questions about business relationships where transparent and fair terms of cooperation are important. The upright Justice can also indicate the formalization of an ongoing relationship similar to the Hierophant. Most often, a single Justice in an upright position will herald a time to take stock of emotional matters. In this case, however, the decision will be based solely on cold calculation. The upright Justice, therefore, does not indicate being guided by the voice of the heart, which in relation to intimate relationships can be detrimental to one party. In addition, the upright Justice indicates a harsh assessment of the other person's behavior, and sometimes ultimately bringing them to justice. It is important to note, however, that the upright Justice is also a symbol of partnership, so if your actions to date have been honest, you can count on a positive outcome to your case. This card encourages you to act fairly for the benefit of another person. Only a sincere and good intention will allow you to create a new quality in an existing or upcoming new relationship.

Meaning of the Justice Tarot card in reversed position

Justice in a reversed position very often indicates a difficulty in making the right judgment. This may be due to your prevailing emotions, indecision or insufficient information. If you are the one who is being judged, you can expect an unjust verdict, which will most often be unfair to you. When it comes to legal disputes, the reversed Justice indicates that you are losing, and sometimes even avoiding the legal consequences. It also symbolizes problems in formal matters that may result in breaking a certain agreement or cooperation. The reversed Justice can also portend a situation where you will experience unfair opinion and dishonesty from certain people. If you are currently a victim of someone else's mistakes this card advises you to let go of guilt and get out of this problematic situation using logical thinking and available legal means. Whatever your question, you must not let yourself be led astray and you must learn from this life lesson. Justice in a reversed position also suggests that you take responsibility for your past actions and make repayments to others.

Meaning of the Justice Tarot card in reversed position in relation to love, sex and relationships

Justice in a reversed position very often indicates problems that can result in either a broken relationship ending or a divorce. It symbolizes both problems with logical evaluation of the current relationship, as well as the constant need to evaluate the partner. This card, however, is devoid of rational arguments, and is mainly characterized by emotions. In addition, this card may indicate unequal treatment of the other person or experiencing unfairness in the relationship. The reversed Justice indicates a time when you need to take responsibility for your past deeds and come clean in your current relationship. Otherwise, you can expect someone else to do it, and you will face harsh judgment that may be inadequate for your mistakes. In an ongoing relationship, Justice in a reversed position also speaks of problems in communication between partners, as well as blaming each other for the problems present in the relationship. However, it encourages you to look within yourself and make your own assessment before you come to judge others. When it comes to new relationships, the reversed Justice encourages you to maintain a healthy distance and balance, and to try to build a relationship based on compromise and understanding.

Information about the Justice Tarot card

Other names of the Justice Tarot card


Names of the Justice Tarot card in other languages

Die Gerechtigkeit, Sprawiedliwość

Group of the Justice Tarot card

Major Arcana

Keywords of the Justice Tarot card

Justice, fairness, impartiality, internal discipline, hold yourself accountable

Keywords of the Justice Tarot card in upright position

Justice, taking legal action, paying debts, confessing the truth, acting for justice, calling for fairness, innocence, considering the position of two parties

Słowa kluczowe karty Tarota Justice w pozycji odwróconej

Separation, divorce, fraud, failure, experience of injustice, lost case, conflict with the law, unjust judgment, decision

Colors of the Justice Tarot Card

Red, blue

Zodiac signs of the Justice Tarot card


Planets of the Justice Tarot card


Elements of the Justice Tarot card


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