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The Magican

Learn the meaning of the The Magican Tarot card

Meaning of the The Magican Tarot card

The Magician is the second card in the Major Arcana of Tarot and is sometimes referred to as the Juggler or the Magus. This character is the archetypal master of persuasion and a confident person who is very good at expressing himself as well as manipulating others. Although the Magician does not literally mean a person who works magic, it can be said that there is something magical about him that makes him capable of drawing a crowd. This card, like other Major Arcana, always points to important matters in the questioner's life. The Magician holds a staff in his hand (symbolizing the Bulls and the element of fire), and in front of him on the table are the other three elements that reflect the earthly elements in the Tarot: a cup (Cups - water), a dagger (Swords - air) and a coin (Pentacles - earth). An infinity symbol appears above the Mage's head, and he points downward with his hand. The four elements depicted on the card are indicative of the Mage's versatile abilities. The number one itself indicates the individuality and creative power of this card. The Magician, therefore, is a forceful taker of initiative and action, but unlike the Fool, he will think carefully before making plans. The number one in the Magician indicates a great deal of creative power, as well as optimism in the execution of new projects.

Meaning of the The Magican Tarot card in upright position

The upright Magician symbolizes a person who possesses not only prudence in action, but also awareness of his or her own choices. For this reason, the upright Magician will always indicate a willingness to take initiative, but one with a well thought out strategy behind it. In an upright position, the Magician is identified with great interpersonal skills, as well as a flash of genius. The upright Magician predicts success in any new endeavor, especially one that requires intellectual effort on your part. The Magician in Tarot always heralds the beginning or new activities, but also all kinds of activity. The Magician in the upright position also points to resources that you have at your disposal which you can use to achieve your goals. The Magician in the upright position also encourages you to take destiny into your own hands and to take risks that will bring results. If the upright Magician is applicable to you, then this card will indicate leadership qualities, but also success in matters that require courage and decisiveness. Remember however, that when you see the Magician in an upright line in your Tarot reading, it may mean that someone with the qualities of this card will come across your path and have a significant influence on your cause. The Magician in an upright position also symbolizes communication.

Meaning of the The Magican Tarot card in upright position in relation to love, sex and relationships

The Magician has a positive message in relationships of all kinds, as it foretells action, good communication, and a willingness to experiment. Thus, it encourages you to take risks and concrete actions with the other person that will pay off. The upright Magician symbolizes a confident person who knows what he/she wants and is able to express it clearly. This is very often a man who is able to win a woman's heart, and he has a lot of sexual energy in him. The upright Magician can also indicate a woman who will clearly communicate her needs, but also her boundaries. The card encourages both parties to confess their feelings honestly, but on its own it never indicates the future of the relationship. Instead, the Magician shows endless possibilities that you can use at this time to achieve what you want in your relationships with people close to you. The upright Magician announces a period of successful socializing and new opportunities that will come your way in these matters. Whatever situation you find yourself in, be proactive and you will achieve fulfillment on the emotional plane. It is also sometimes the case that the Magician in an upright position tells you that the initiative at this time lies with the other side of your case.

Meaning of the The Magican Tarot card in reversed position

The Magician in a reversed position indicates certain negative traits that may cause the person it describes to try to achieve his or her goals even at the expense of others. The reversed Magician also symbolizes someone with great interpersonal skills, which can, however, be used to manipulate less knowledgeable people. This card often points to lies and empty promises, which the reversed Magician willingly shares with the world around him. The reversed Magician will be not only selfish, but also calculating and conceited. It predicts all kinds of situations in which you may become a victim of fraud or even theft. For this reason, the card advises against taking risky decisions, and also advises you to be cautious of people who may be behind it. It may turn out that the reversed Magician has hidden plans and impure intentions towards you, which you will find difficult to see behind the veil of illusion he presents. The reversed Magician also symbolizes lack of self-confidence, which may cause shyness and in extreme cases, depression. This card is also very often interpreted as a symbol of difficulty in grasping a decision or taking the needed initiative.

Meaning of the The Magican Tarot card in reversed position in relation to love, sex and relationships

The reversed Magician is not a very good omen for any questions related to feelings. The card indicates some problems in communication between partners, which may cause, among other things, a lack of understanding of each other's needs. When it comes to relationships, the reversed Magician symbolizes a significant intellectual advantage, so you may have trouble expressing your feelings. This card may also indicate discrimination or problems with self-esteem, and sometimes it indicates a lack of initiative on the part of one party. The reversed Magician may also symbolize some secrets or even manipulations that may be going on against you. It could also indicate that you are not telling the truth or are hiding your true intentions from someone. In ongoing relationships, the reversed Magician has a difficult time where you may have trouble acting decisively or be completely passive about yourself and existing problems. This card encourages you to have an honest and open conversation towards the other person especially regarding your needs. This approach will benefit you more than trying to manipulate or deceive your partner. For single people, the reversed Magician indicates the need to overcome low self-esteem and lack of confidence in your own abilities in this area.

Information about the The Magican Tarot card

Other names of the The Magican Tarot card


Names of the The Magican Tarot card in other languages

Der Magier, Mag

Group of the The Magican Tarot card

Major Arcana

Keywords of the The Magican Tarot card

Dormant powers that need to be developed, man, strength, courage, beginning, optimism, self-expression, mature awareness.

Keywords of the The Magican Tarot card in upright position

Beginning, new opportunities, time to act, courage, assertiveness, willpower, confidence, knowledge, initiative, risk taking, communication, leader

Słowa kluczowe karty Tarota The Magican w pozycji odwróconej

Lack of determination, courage, shyness, underestimation, fear of people, depression, schemer, liar, manipulator

Colors of the The Magican Tarot Card

Yellow, white, red, black

Zodiac signs of the The Magican Tarot card


Planets of the The Magican Tarot card

Mercury, Pluto, Mars

Elements of the The Magican Tarot card


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