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The Moon

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The Moon Tarot card meaning

On the Moon we can see the silver globe lighting up the sky with a double face. The first one shows the Moon around which its rays are splashing, while the second one is inside it showing the features of a human face. The Moon itself, as well as its glow, are of a warm yellow color, and the sky on which it is located indicates day rather than night. On the ground we can see a dog howling to the Moon, a wolf, and a crab emerging from the water, which is the astrological sign of this card. In the background there are two towers and between them there is a winding road going upwards. The Moon in Tarot symbolically refers to sensitivity, emotionality and subtlety, but also, and above all, to the subconscious. The Moon, although it carries a very large emotional load, will usually refer to what is hidden and very deeply rooted in the human psyche. It is also a reference to the animal instincts of our human nature and the world of illusion, which can only be seen under the moonlit sky. This card very often points to hidden matters and influences, and brings even more ambiguity into life. As a symbol of the mother it is also associated with deep feelings and pregnancy.

Upright The Moon Tarot card meaning

When the Moon is in an upright position it very often indicates that your question is accompanied by great emotions, but also some unconscious instincts, which can significantly influence the current situation. The upright Moon is above all a symbol of the world of illusions and dreams, in which your feelings can be closed. This card refers to both maternal issues and those from the past, which are associated with great melancholy. The Moon is also a longing for places and people, but in some situations these memories can take a completely opposite direction, bringing back old fears and anxieties. The Moon in an upright position is a card with a deep message, but it does not have an unambiguously positive message. This is because it often brings even more confusion and chaos to the matter. The upright Moon may also indicate a certain world of illusion and sometimes even detachment from reality. For this reason it is not the best sign for practical matters and those that require conscious and decisive actions. On the other hand, it can be an inspiration for those who need to delve into the world of dreams and imagination, and it also allows them to use the power of their subconscious.

Upright The Moon love, sex and relationships Tarot card meaning

The Moon in an upright position in relationship questions can have two completely extreme facets. On the one hand, it very often symbolizes deep feelings, which can indicate a strong emotional bond between two people. On the other hand, the Moon in an upright position can also refer to certain past events that have a huge, but not necessarily positive, impact on the current relationship. The Moon in an upright position can also indicate a difficulty in defining current feelings towards the other person, as well as under certain circumstances, hidden secrets towards them. This card in itself symbolizes the need for emotional stability, especially if your current relationship does not give you a sense of security. This is therefore a challenging card for those in a relationship, as it foretells a problematic time when many things will need to be clarified. The Moon in an upright position can also signify problems in communication with people close to you and in building new relationships. For this reason, it is not the best sign for single people. However, the card refers to maternal love and therefore is a sign of an upcoming pregnancy. It may also point to a woman present in the man's life who has great influence over him.

Reversed The Moon Tarot card meaning

The Moon in a reversed position indicates a difficult time where you will have to deal with very deep emotions. You may find them too difficult to control at the moment, which may lead you to despair and many tears. A reversed Moon is also a card that indicates all kinds of fears and anxieties, which in extreme situations may lead to depression and other mental illnesses. The reversed Moon is also a sign of detachment from reality, which can lead you to getting lost in the world around you. For this reason it is very important under the current circumstances not to use stimulants, which can further deepen your negative state. Very often the Moon in a reversed position indicates current problems in your life, which indeed reflects your current mood. This does not mean, however, that living in negative emotions and tormenting yourself will help you to find a way out of your current situation. The reversed Moon encourages you to use your intuition for this purpose, as only it can be a signpost and light in the tunnel for you right now. This card advises you to finally let go of the past and face your inner fears as well as hidden issues.

Reversed The Moon love, sex and relationships Tarot card meaning

The Moon in a reversed position indicates extremely negative and even destructive emotions that may accompany the current relationship. For those in a relationship this is a particularly unfavorable card, which can portend extremely difficult obstacles to overcome. The reversed Moon very often symbolizes also deeply hidden fears and anxieties, which can manifest on the level of everyday life. This card also indicates hiding one's feelings and the possibility of being a victim of someone else's lies. The reversed Moon is also a symbol of emotional dependence on a certain person, which may be associated with relationships that are toxic for you. It may also point to hidden enemies and unfavorable things from your past, which can have a huge impact on your private life. The Moon in reversed position indicates in case of men problems with women, especially with mother, and in relation to women emotional instability. Under certain circumstances, the Moon in a reversed position can also mean the discovery of certain secrets and the cleansing of relationships. The reversed Moon encourages you to use your intuition and to act on the truth. Beware of false persons and difficult relationships though.

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The Moon Tarot card in different languages

Der Mond, Księżyc

The Moon Tarot card group

Major Arcana

The Moon Tarot card keywords

The hidden world of dreams, dreams, illusion, stimulation of the mind, the passive side of life, subconsciousness, longing for places and experiences, motherhood, melancholy

The Moon Tarot card upright keywords

Mystery, obscurity, darkness, intuition, fantasy, illusions, delusion, lies, missteps, hidden affairs and enemies, pregnancy, parapsychic abilities

The Moon Tarot card reversed keywords

Tears, toxic relationship with mother, pessimism, complexes, nightmares, mental illness, hallucinations, exaggerating the negative sides of life, lack of common sense

The Moon Tarot card colors

Red, violet

The Moon Tarot card signs of the zodiac

Pisces, Cancer

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