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The Star

Learn the meaning of the The Star Tarot card

Meaning of the The Star Tarot card

The Star is marked with the number seventeen (XVII) and in its image represents the figure of a naked woman. Thus, the Star symbolizes purity, truth, as well as virtue, with which it is identified. This woman is kneeling by the river, and her right foot appears to be treading water. However, she is not immersed in the water, although it spills around her from the two jugs held in her hands. Besides the Star depicts a friendly landscape in nature with the peak of the mountains in her background. In the calm and clear sky we see an eight-pointed star which together with the smaller stars around it symbolizes a signpost. Also visible on the Star is a tree and a bird sitting on it. The whole image indicates a time of peace, but also hope and trust in fate. For this reason, the Star is very often identified with success in all ongoing projects and important matters for you. Star is a card that very strongly refers to matters that are associated with strong emotions. For this reason, it is usually only a symbol of inner desires and concerns, rather than actual events that will manifest in your life. However, the Star in itself in Tarot also indicates the favor of fate and good luck in personal and professional matters.

Meaning of the The Star Tarot card in upright position

Star in an upright position very often indicates a great faith and hope accompanying you in a given matter. Undoubtedly, it may turn out that such an attitude and a kind of favor of fate will help you realize your plans. It should be noted, however, that the Star in an upright position never informs about the end of the matter, but only about the opportunity that you can now take. The upright Star in Tarot is primarily a reference to peace and harmony, and thus is a very good card in emotional matters, but also in professional and health matters. The Star in an upright position is also a very good sign for people who like to be the center of attention, because it indicates confidence, charisma and self-awareness. This card also predicts the possibility of gaining publicity in the matter in question, as well as success in any endeavor. The upright Star is also a symbol of femininity and for this reason this card may indicate the possibility of pregnancy. However, it may also happen that this card will only indicate dreams that are almost unrealistic. The upright Star encourages you to follow your intuition, but also to trust in fate. In this way you will be able to end the current problems, and also build a better future full of love and harmony.

Meaning of the The Star Tarot card in upright position in relation to love, sex and relationships

The upright Star in emotional matters is one of the best cards you can see in your Tarot spread. It is the harbinger of both a brand new relationship and the blossoming of an ongoing relationship. The upright Star points to the harmony, happiness and love that you will soon experience in your personal life. This card also indicates the ability to put the past behind you and finally free yourself from problems in relationships with your loved ones. The Star in the upright position is also a symbol of sexuality and for this reason it can indicate fertility and good luck in intimate matters. This card also indicates the great hope that the person depicted on it has in the current relationship. The upright Star is a very good omen especially for new acquaintances as well as single people. It indicates a time when openness and charisma will allow you to establish new relationships and experience romantic moments. The Star in an upright position can therefore be interpreted as a significant improvement of your current emotional situation. The upright Star encourages you to believe in yourself and to act sincerely based on your inner voice of intuition. All this will allow you to break away from everyday life and once again experience deep love surrounded by your loved ones.

Meaning of the The Star Tarot card in reversed position

The Star in the reversed position is usually a symbol of loss of faith in yourself and the people around you. This in turn can manifest in any area of life bringing you failure, and sometimes even doubt in your own fate. There is a good chance, however, that your pessimism results only from past painful experiences and has nothing to do with current events. Very often the reversed Star points to problems on the emotional plane, especially related to private relationships. On the other hand, the card may indicate that your current plans and dreams are completely unrealistic, and therefore impossible to achieve. In such a situation the Star in reversed position will advise you to focus on the reality around you. You may find that you are basing your future solely on your own hopes without doing the work necessary to achieve your plans. The Star in reversed position also very often indicates a complete loss of hope for a better tomorrow and in itself can herald further problems in your life. However, it is not a symbol of doom weighing down on you, but only of a worse moment that you have to endure. With the Star in the reversed position it will be important to stay calm and trust in yourself again.

Meaning of the The Star Tarot card in reversed position in relation to love, sex and relationships

The Star in a reversed position indicates a lack of success in emotional matters, and sometimes an unhappy and perhaps one-sided love. This card will therefore be an unfavorable sign for a single person who currently wants to build a new relationship. In such a situation, the reversed Star may indicate both difficulty in finding the other half and general social problems. However, this situation will most often result from your pessimistic attitude to the environment and loss of self-confidence. A star in a reversed position may indicate that you are consciously giving up the opportunity that life offers you and even sabotaging your success. It is therefore an indication to let go of the past and painful experiences for you and reopen to completely new relationships. For a person in a relationship, the reversed Star indicates a moment when you have lost the vision of your future together and your faith in improving your current situation. So this card may appear especially in a relationship that in the near future had serious problems. The reversed Star, however, does not announce the end of the relationship, but only the difficulty of getting out of the current situation. The reversed Star may also warn against too much idealization of the partner and living a delusional life.

Information about the The Star Tarot card

Other names of the The Star Tarot card


Names of the The Star Tarot card in other languages

Der Stern, Gwiazda

Group of the The Star Tarot card

Major Arcana

Keywords of the The Star Tarot card

Hope for better, resolution, inspiration, self-discovery, confidence in self

Keywords of the The Star Tarot card in upright position

Hope, faith, optimism, happy love, recovery, trust in fate, possibility of pregnancy, healing and therapeutic abilities, alternative treatments, contact with consciousness and subconsciousness

Słowa kluczowe karty Tarota The Star w pozycji odwróconej

Doubt, loss of hope and faith in the meaning of life, resignation, bad luck in love, pessimism, unhappy love, living through dreams and false hopes

Colors of the The Star Tarot Card

Violet, blue

Zodiac signs of the The Star Tarot card


Planets of the The Star Tarot card


Elements of the The Star Tarot card


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