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Learn the meaning of the Strength Tarot card

Meaning of the Strength Tarot card

Strength, also often called Fortitude, depicts a young woman in profile facing left. Her clearly visible calmness symbolizes her ability to control her emotions, and the yellow background of the card refers to her optimism. In her hands she holds the clenched mouth of a lion, which is a symbol of great physical strength, but also of the animal instincts present in us. So it appears that the woman can easily deal with his nature, and this is possible thanks to her spiritual perfection and perseverance, which is what The Strength is talking about. The woman is dressed in a white gown, which further contrasts with the red color of the lion and indicates the purity of her intentions. She is also adorned with a garland of flowers, which also gently wraps around the lion's head. A similar garland is on her head, and above it we see the infinity symbol. This card itself has a slightly mountainous but green landscape, which indicates distant goals and a union with nature. The Strength very often points to a woman in its meaning. It is also a sign of health, perseverance, but also the ability to control one's weaknesses. It is above all a card of great physical and mental strength. Fortitude in the Tarot also refers to our sexuality and fertility.

Meaning of the Strength Tarot card in upright position

The Strength in the upright position is primarily a sign that you need to remain persistent in the matter in question, but also to control your emotions. So it is very often an indication that the matter you are asking about will remain unchanged in the near future. The upright Strength can also refer to a person represented by the figure of a woman who will try to control her or someone else's desire. The upright Strength directly relates to issues of physicality, so it is an excellent sign for matters of health, but also physical strength and overall stamina. The upright Strength encourages you to reject aggression and use your wisdom to overcome adversity. It is therefore very often a symbol of the self-discipline that we need in order to be able to achieve our goals. The upright Strength is also an excellent card for athletes, as it foretells excellent preparation and victory over opponents. Last but not least, the upright Strength is also about courage and creativity, which is symbolized by the lion. As a symbol of life, the upright Strength can also speak of fertility and regaining vitality. The upright Strength often describes people with strong character, who have many skills and know how to use them.

Meaning of the Strength Tarot card in upright position in relation to love, sex and relationships

In relationship questions, the Strength can have two very different meanings. The first one indicates that the current situation requires a lot of determination and vigilance on your part. However, this will usually be a positive sign for a woman, saying that you will be able to fully control the ongoing relationship. For a man, the upright Strength is a sign that your efforts may be effectively curtailed, although it will still be possible to achieve your desired goal. Thus, the upright Strength will indicate some kind of rivalry, which may take place both on an internal and external level. However, this card is not a good sign if you expect the situation to improve quickly. Strength is a symbol of permanence, which in the case of existing relationships will indicate a strong bond and great feelings between two people. Sometimes an upright Strength speaks of a subtle yet clear domination of the woman over the man in an ongoing relationship. It is also a very good sign for sexual matters, as the Strength foretells a time of great passion, desire and physical intimacy. The upright Strength also indicates the ability to overcome adversity, optimism, and perseverance to win the heart of the person you desire.

Meaning of the Strength Tarot card in reversed position

Strength in the reversed position is a symbol of loss of vitality above all else. This card also very often indicates that you lack the determination needed to achieve your goal. The reversed Strength encourages you to reach the heights of your spiritual, but also physical abilities. This is because the card may talk about an illness accompanying you, in which you will need to take care of a healthy diet and physical activity. So this is not the best sign for athletes and people who are counting on being in excellent shape in the near future. In some circumstances the reversed Strength may be a symbol of sex addiction or a complete blockade in this area. It also sometimes symbolizes a submissive person with a weak character who can be easily manipulated. The reversed Strength also indicates a person who may have a problem with certain addictions. It is very important, therefore, with the Strength in the reversed position, to stand by your resolutions and carry out your plans with courage and confidence. The inner struggle can only be overcome if you manage to control your emotions and animal instincts. The reversed Strength is also a sign of physical exhaustion and sometimes even a sign of aggression and fight that you will have to face.

Meaning of the Strength Tarot card in reversed position in relation to love, sex and relationships

In relationships, the reversed Strength will most often indicate problems in maintaining the current relationship. This card may also speak of an imbalance and dependency in the relationship on the other party. The reversed Strength is also a sign that your relationship and feelings may be too weak to overcome current problems. For single people, the reversed Strength portends a period of difficulties in relationships with other people, which may result in a loss of confidence and self-esteem. The card may say that your efforts towards the other person will not be enough to build a new relationship. The reversed Strength is also a warning to be cautious about people and relationships that may negatively affect your physical and mental health. This card encourages you to overcome your own fears and get control of your emotions. You may find that your actions towards other people are too impulsive or completely subject to your uncontrollable instincts. The reversed Strength also means all kinds of problems with sexuality for both single people and those in relationships. The card may indicate your inner weakness, which may be deliberately exploited by others.

Information about the Strength Tarot card

Other names of the Strength Tarot card


Names of the Strength Tarot card in other languages

Die Kraft, Siła

Group of the Strength Tarot card

Major Arcana

Keywords of the Strength Tarot card

Self-confidence, self-control, control of the situation, determination, energy, successfully defying the odds, passion and enjoyment of your strength

Keywords of the Strength Tarot card in upright position

Inner strength, courage, passion, female sexuality, acceptance of sexuality, sports, health, vitality, physical attractiveness, survival skills

Słowa kluczowe karty Tarota Strength w pozycji odwróconej

Loss of vitality, illness, jealousy, sex addiction, resignation, negation of one's inner strength, failure, need to take care of appearance, healthy diet

Colors of the Strength Tarot Card

Yellow, purple

Zodiac signs of the Strength Tarot card


Planets of the Strength Tarot card

Mars, Uranus

Elements of the Strength Tarot card


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