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The Sun

Learn the meaning of the The Sun Tarot card

Meaning of the The Sun Tarot card

On the Sun numbered nineteen (XIX) in Tarot you may see a beautiful and extremely positive image of a child sitting on a white horse. This combination is not only a symbol of innocence, but also of joy and in some cases even infantility. On the Sun, the child holds a red banner in his right hand, which indicates a transformation of consciousness and the triumph of life. The optimism of the Sun in Tarot is enhanced by the shining star visible in the sky, which shows a human face with a gentle smile. The Sun also shows in its background a wall (referring to certain limitations), and a garden with sunflowers growing behind it, which refers to the world of the senses and the planet itself. This card usually evokes only positive associations, and this is the most correct interpretation. The Sun always brings new energy to the Tarot deck and heralds success in the matter in question. It is also one of the best Tarot cards in financial, emotional and health matters. The Sun heralds the coming of better times, it is a symbol of fatherhood as well as fertility and social recognition.

Meaning of the The Sun Tarot card in upright position

The Sun in an upright position is one of the best signs you can see in Tarot regardless of the question you ask. It foretells moments of happiness and joy and sometimes even the fulfillment of childhood dreams. It is also a good sign for children, family and loved ones and brings harmony and love. The upright Sun should also be interpreted in the Tarot as a conscious effort and a goal that is entirely possible to achieve. As a symbol of life, it indicates good health or at least recovery from illness. The Sun in an upright position also predicts the recovery of vitality, will to live and energy to act especially after a difficult period in your life. All of this will allow you to take on new challenges in life, but also to achieve far-reaching plans. With regard to financial matters the Sun is also bringing good news indicating possible profits or a change of job to a much better position. The Sun in an upright position foretells success in business and other areas of life, which will bring you confidence, recognition and better self-esteem. A upright Sun represents a certain moment in your life that you need to seize before the opportunity passes.

Meaning of the The Sun Tarot card in upright position in relation to love, sex and relationships

With regard to emotional matters, the Sun in an upright position is definitely a positive, and perhaps even the best card for your question. This means that regardless of your current state, you will find happiness, fulfillment and acceptance in all your important relationships in the coming future. For those in a relationship, the upright Sun indicates a time of harmony, peace and blossoming love. If you are single, the Sun is pointing towards a time of new friendships that may develop into permanent relationships. This card is also excellent in family matters, where it predicts good relationships between family members, and under certain circumstances it can also bring pregnancy. Very often the upright Sun indicates a moment of forgiveness and reconciliation with the past. It is also associated with the most beautiful moments of life, when you will experience the deepest feelings and the most complete happiness together with your loved ones. The upright Sun can also herald a return after a breakup, or even marriage in the case of a longer relationship. This card brings faith in a better tomorrow and allows you to enjoy everyday life while planning your future together. It heralds the resolution of all your personal problems and your gaining of self-confidence.

Meaning of the The Sun Tarot card in reversed position

When reversed, this card indicates some delays or even failures in your own endeavors. It is a harbinger of a worse time in your life, during which you may lack confidence in yourself and your abilities. The reversed Sun also brings to light some missed opportunities, as well as events that may have brought you disappointment in the past. The Sun in a reversed position is also not the best sign in questions about financial matters, as it will most often indicate a loss of income, or bad investments. It therefore discourages you from taking risky actions, and instead encourages you to focus on the positive aspects of your life and rebuild your self-esteem. With regard to health matters, the card indicates a significant weakening of the body and a serious illness for which necessary action must be taken. Under certain circumstances the reversed Sun may indicate a loss of social standing and reputation, which may be associated with professional problems. This card also indicates private problems, especially between father and child. It may indicate the breakdown of a marriage and the end of a relationship.

Meaning of the The Sun Tarot card in reversed position in relation to love, sex and relationships

In emotional matters the Sun in a reversed position indicates disappointment, which in extreme cases can even lead to the end of a relationship. If you are single, the Sun inverted will indicate problems with your feelings, which can lead to a loss of self-confidence. This card portends a time of conflicts and misunderstandings, the main cause of which may be related to past events. The reversed Sun also indicates problems in the family, which may affect the youngest members of the family. It is also a sign of disappointment in love, which can result in the suspension of plans or a complete loss of faith in the future. This card does not always indicate the end of a relationship, but very often it indicates an extremely difficult period in a relationship that only the strongest of relationships can survive. The reversed Sun may indicate that you need to put your social plans on hold, and focus your attention on other possible goals. The reversed Sun may also indicate that you are focusing too much on yourself and are unable to build healthy and balanced relationships. This card may also indicate an unhappy or false love.

Information about the The Sun Tarot card

Other names of the The Sun Tarot card

Sun, Lord of the Fire of the World

Names of the The Sun Tarot card in other languages

Die Sonne, Słońce

Group of the The Sun Tarot card

Major Arcana

Keywords of the The Sun Tarot card

Success, satisfaction, triumph, pride, freedom, completion of an important milestone, reward, good health, full self-acceptance

Keywords of the The Sun Tarot card in upright position

Happiness, joy, fulfillment, optimism, love, health, success, new stage in life, pregnancy, happy marriage, making an alliance with the past

Słowa kluczowe karty Tarota The Sun w pozycji odwróconej

Disillusionment, disappointment, selfishness, being haunted by the past, living in the past, marriage breakdown

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