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The Tower

Learn the meaning of the The Tower Tarot card

Meaning of the The Tower Tarot card

The Tower is numbered 16 (XVI) and like the previous card in Tarot, Death, it usually evokes negative feelings. On this card we see a tower standing on a high rock, which suggests that it has a solid foundation. However in Tarot, the Tower has been struck by yellow lightning, which has started a fire and knocked down the symbolic crown on top. On the Tower we see two frightened figures that have fallen from it as a result of the shock. Around it we see a black background indicating a nocturnal but overcast sky. In the air near the tower 22 flames float referring to all the cards that contain the Major Arcana of Tarot. Like the visible image, the Tower itself points primarily to destruction and ruin. It is often associated with the Tower of Babel and the divine wrath associated with it. What is important, however, is that despite the destruction and misfortune caused by the events symbolized by this card, the Tower remains unshaken in its foundation and construction. This means, therefore, that only part of it may suffer as a result of these inevitable events. In the end, however, what seemed like a tragedy will become an opportunity to regain freedom and freedom from stale structures, people, and opinions.

Meaning of the The Tower Tarot card in upright position

The Tower in an upright position heralds above all sudden events that may lead to the disintegration of its structures. Very often it will only be those elements of your life that seem to be stable and solid. The upright Tower is a card that exposes the truth of your existing beliefs and dispels the illusions associated with them. The upright Tower, according to its symbolism, very often points to the breakdown of a relationship, which in a given moment may turn out to be a great tragedy of life for you. However, this is the moment when you have the opportunity to completely change your life and evaluate what is really important to you. The Tower in an upright position may also symbolize enlightenment and complete change of views on some subject, but it is always connected with painful events and some kind of shock. On the material plane, this is a particularly dangerous card, which can portend both financial disaster and the threat of serious illness. The changes that the Tower in an upright position brings are therefore inevitable, although they can only manifest on the mental plane. It is therefore a warning of a possible loss of stability in life, but also a chance to free yourself from a difficult situation and make big changes.

Meaning of the The Tower Tarot card in upright position in relation to love, sex and relationships

In relationship questions, the Tower in an upright position always indicates the end of an acquaintance as well as an ongoing relationship. This is because it is a card that foretells tremendous upheaval and disintegration of the relationship regardless of the situation it is in. So with the upright Tower, it will be a sudden and unavoidable decision by one party dictated by external events. When you draw this card in your Tarot spread it is also a sign that the current relationship is limiting your freedom and growth. To be freed from it requires a change of perspective that is only possible through painful and forcible changes. The Tower in the upright position usually leaves the relationship completely destroyed and impossible to rebuild. Very often these changes will have a far-reaching impact for you also on other spheres of life. The upright Tower is therefore the harbinger of great negative emotions, shock and disbelief in relation to the truth you have seen. In feelings, the upright Tower indicates a complete change of them, and in everyday matters, an argument. This card fares in relation to bed matters much better, as it is very often a sexual impulse to relieve this tension. However, only true relationships have a chance of survival with the Tower in an upright position.

Meaning of the The Tower Tarot card in reversed position

The Tower in the reversed position is usually only a warning of a possible disaster in your life. However, this card itself still portends dangerous events for you, which will be accompanied by extreme emotions and inner tension. However, if you are able to exercise caution, there is a chance that you will survive this difficult moment. The reversed Tower does not in itself lead to destruction, nor does it portend great changes in your life, even though these might be welcome in your situation. On the other hand, it may indicate that you are currently lacking stability in your life, so you need to refrain from risky decisions that could lead you to bankruptcy or even depression. The reversed Tower is a card of losing control over your life, events, and the freedom you have, so it can symbolize being in prison or a toxic relationship. The reversed Tower is also very often a need to rebuild your life from the ground up. However, it may turn out that you are the one resisting the necessary changes and if nothing changes in this regard they will be undertaken without your consent. Regardless of the final outcome, you should learn from the reversed Tower, which will allow you to avoid an even greater tragedy in the future.

Meaning of the The Tower Tarot card in reversed position in relation to love, sex and relationships

In relationship questions, the reversed Tower never indicates the end of a relationship, although this may not be beneficial to you. It may turn out that current relationship is a source of limitations and problems for you, from which you are unable to free yourself. On the other hand, the Tower in a reversed position may indicate a very tense situation between partners, which has brought the current relationship to its limit. This card is also a symbol of the difficulty in making the necessary changes in the relationship, which may cause an escalation of existing problems in the future. The Tower in reversed position also means that you currently lack stability in your emotional life, although this situation may improve in the near future. In itself, however, this card does not foretell new love, but only a chance to change your current outlook and build the foundation for a new relationship. The reversed Tower is a warning against total dependence on another person, either materially or emotionally. It also advises not to give in to destructive and uncontrollable behavior, but instead to make a conscious decision regarding your future. The Tower in reversed position further indicates sexual problems and difficulty in overcoming your own limitations.

Information about the The Tower Tarot card

Other names of the The Tower Tarot card

Tower, The Tower of Destruction, The Tower of God

Names of the The Tower Tarot card in other languages

Der Turm, Wieża

Group of the The Tower Tarot card

Major Arcana

Keywords of the The Tower Tarot card

Sudden changes, release of rising tension, development of own personality, breaking stereotypes, enlightenment

Keywords of the The Tower Tarot card in upright position

Misfortune, sudden changes from outside, deception, disintegration of previous ideals, beliefs, structures, loss of life stability, disintegration of relationships, life disaster that can become a new beginning, loss of money

Słowa kluczowe karty Tarota The Tower w pozycji odwróconej

Bankruptcy, self-destruction, loss of freedom, imprisonment, inability to make any changes, depression

Colors of the The Tower Tarot Card

Red, black

Zodiac signs of the The Tower Tarot card


Planets of the The Tower Tarot card


Elements of the The Tower Tarot card


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