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The World

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The World Tarot card meaning

The World is the last card in Tarot, which with its number twenty-one (XXI) closes the Major Arcana and the path of the Fool. On the World you can see a dancing naked woman, who is enclosed in an ellipse made of a laurel wreath in this shape. She is wrapped in a red scarf, and the whole thing symbolizes a moment of victory and winning, but also a sort of isolation from the surrounding world. Around this figure four cherubs emerge from the clouds with the appearance of a man, a lion, an ox and an eagle. On this card, the woman also holds in her two hands the mace, which symbolizes the will to go on. The World in Tarot symbolizes the moment of fulfillment and reaching the peak of one's abilities in the matter in question. This is because the card foretells the realization of one's goals and desires, as well as finding one's place in the universe. This card is good for all the actions you have taken before, and which are now likely to succeed. The World is identified with financial, emotional and health success. The World signifies not only the end but also the beginning of a new stage in life. It indicates social recognition, the possibility of foreign travel, and also the birth of a child.

Upright The World Tarot card meaning

The World in an upright position will be the positive answer to the vast majority of questions. This is because it indicates a time of fulfillment and harmony, and thus heralds success in all areas of life. The upright World may also indicate that you are already in a place that gives you complete satisfaction and happiness, and this in turn may cause you to feel somewhat isolated from the surrounding world. The World in an upright position also symbolizes recognizable people or those who have important roles in society. In itself, the card does not foretell significant changes, but the possibility of bringing certain matters to a conclusion. It is also a very good sign in financial matters indicating material gains and the possibility of reaching a professional peak. The upright World also points to events of a global nature, or at least those that will happen beyond the borders of your location. Thus the World in an upright position is an omen of distant travels and extensive contacts with people from other regions of the world and cultures. In relation to personal matters, the upright World is also a good sign indicating a happy relationship and successful relations with close people. It is a card of physical, mental and spiritual health.

Upright The World love, sex and relationships Tarot card meaning

The upright World in questions regarding emotional matters indicates the time when you will experience a state of supreme happiness, fulfillment and love. In relation to permanent relationships it will indicate the time when you will experience unity with the other person and you will succeed in achieving your previously set goals. For this reason, the World in an upright position can inform you about moving in together or even buying a property, as well as indicating the moment of getting pregnant. The upright World, therefore, is the pinnacle of dreams and positive possibilities in a relationship, although it can sometimes indicate a certain isolation from the surrounding world. This card also heralds the end of problems and worries in relation to people close to you, and in some circumstances it can be a symbol of two people reuniting after a long separation. The upright World foretells great and sincere feelings, but also a time when you will enjoy and celebrate life with your loved ones. It indicates attractiveness and being the center of attention, so it is a very good sign for single people who want to find their other half right now. The World in an upright position encourages you to go out to people, where you will find everything you need at the moment. It is also a card of femininity and immense sexuality.

Reversed The World Tarot card meaning

The World in a reversed position is not in itself a bad sign, but it can herald impending problems or delays in achieving one's goals. The reversed World may also speak of impediments to long distance travel or international activities. Very often this card indicates isolation from the world, which can lead to feelings of loneliness and apathy. The World in the reversed position also indicates a certain blocked possibility of realizing one's desires and dreams, as well as goals that are unrealistic and too high for a given moment. The World in the reversed position is also a fear of closing a certain stage and entering a new life cycle. On the other hand, the card may say that you have made it to the top, but you are not enjoying the success as much as the road to it. On the other hand, the card may say that you have reached the top, but you are not enjoying the success as much as you are. The reversed World is also an indication of health problems, especially in relation to feminine matters. This card heralds surrounding troubles and even the possibility of being trapped in a certain situation. When it comes to financial matters, on the other hand, it may portend losses and significant professional failures.

Reversed The World love, sex and relationships Tarot card meaning

The World in the reversed position indicates stagnation in a relationship, as well as delays in joint ventures. Moreover, the card is a sign of problems in building intimate relationships and general dissatisfaction with the current emotional situation. The person depicted in this card may isolate himself not only from close people, but even the entire world around him. Such an attitude, however, can only lead to the worsening of an already difficult situation, so the reversed World is somehow an indication to take the initiative and open up to the possibilities that the universe offers you. This card may also indicate that your contacts with the opposite sex are limited at the moment, and you are experiencing problems with self-esteem and living in a bubble of certain self-conceptions. The person depicted in the reversed World is also not willing to engage in a serious relationship. This may be due to some fear of losing one's freedom, or it may symbolize some bondage in an existing relationship. The World in reversed position also indicates an incomplete feeling or one that does not give you happiness and excitement. This card may also represent the end of a relationship or, on the contrary, it may indicate that you are stuck in an unhappy and restrictive relationship.

The World Tarot card information

The World Tarot card other names

World, Universe

The World Tarot card in different languages

Die Welt, Świat

The World Tarot card group

Major Arcana

The World Tarot card keywords

Happiness, fulfillment of dreams, achievement of success, fullness of existence

The World Tarot card upright keywords

Finding your place in life, material success, joy, happiness, reward, self-awareness, discovering the meaning of your life, your value, maturity

The World Tarot card reversed keywords

Stagnation, escape from the world, confinement to oneself, a trap from which there is no way out

The World Tarot card colors

Violet, blue

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