Minor Arcana

Learn the Minor Arcana of Tarot Cards

Minor Arcana

Small Arcana (from acana means initiation) is a group of 56 Tarot cards divided into four groups of colors: Coins (Pentacles, Denars), Maces (Clubs, Sticks), Cups (Chalices) and Swords. Each group of Tarot cards has 10 cards marked from 1 (Ace) to 10, as well as four court cards: Oct, Knight, Queen and King. The Tarot's Small Arcana indicate smaller and less important matters for the inquirer, e.g. those concerning everyday matters or his personal path.

On the Tarot Online website you will find all Tarot Minor Arcana with a detailed description. Just click on one of the cards and you will see all the information about it, both in a straight and inverted position. You can also draw the Small Arcana of Tarot in our application, and after discovering them, you will be able to interpret the question yourself. In this section you can also comment on one of the cards and help others interpret the Little Arcana of Tarot.

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