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Page of Cups

Get to know the meaning of the card Page of Cups

Page of Cups Tarot card meaning

he Page of Cups, also known as the Jack or Knave of Cups or simply the Page of Cups, is the first court Tarot card associated with Cups. The card itself shows a young man holding a beautiful yellow cup with a fish sticking out of it in one hand. Clearly he is going to give it to someone, which very often symbolizes some kind of invitation or help. The person in the Page of Cups is standing on the shore of a vast expanse of water, which in itself symbolizes the immensity of feelings associated with this card. The Page is wearing a blue tunic, which is adorned with lotus flowers indicating purity of feeling. The Page of Cups, like all pages in the Tarot, indicates young people or those who play a less important role in the matter. He is a very emotional, charming and even flirtatious character, thanks to which he is able to unite friends and make new exciting acquaintances. Although the Knight of Cups is more important than him in the Suit of Cups, he plays an important role because he foretells a new emotional experience in the court ruled by the King of Cups and Queen of Cups.

Upright Page of Cups Tarot card meaning

The upright Page of Cups is a very positive Tarot sign and in no situation indicates any negative events in your life. If you draw the Page of Cups, you know that in the near future you will receive a nice proposal or even an invitation to a romantic meeting. This may be the initiative of someone younger or it may be a small but noticeable gesture in your relationship. The Page of Cups also points to giving and receiving gifts of all kinds, or reconciliation with a loved one. These will be very pleasant events for you, and the card itself in an upright position indicates acceptance of the offer received. The Page of Cups is about an innocent flirt, a date or just a subtle intimacy that will arouse intense feelings in you. These are all sorts of events that will arouse you on an emotional plane, and may themselves involve physical intimacy. The biggest drawback of this card is the fleeting nature of the moment it foreshadows. So these are rather short episodes that don't necessarily (but can) turn into something permanent. The Page of Cups also very often refers to children, who themselves act spontaneously.

Upright Page of Cups love, sex and relationships Tarot card meaning

The upright Page of Cups is a particularly positive omen in the case of emotional matters, because it belongs to the element of water, which governs the emotional sphere. The Page of Cups in an upright position therefore speaks of a full readiness to give, but also to receive affection from another person. Although the figure itself is young, and its gesture is small, there are huge layers of emotionality behind it. Thus, this card may indicate sensitivity, but also creativity and intuition. The feelings themselves are very innocent, but also very seductive towards another person. The Page of Cups is very much guided by his emotions, which are also a field for new experiences. All the events represented by the Page of Cups are spontaneous and gentle, and he can be a dreamer who wants nothing more than to be close to another person. In certain situations, the Page of Cups may also indicate the birth of a new feeling, but most often it will be the postponement of feelings or the end of a conflicting situation. Take advantage of the opportunity you receive from such a person and make the most of the upcoming events in your life, as they will herald improvement on the emotional plane.

Reversed Page of Cups Tarot card meaning

The reversed Page of Cups, like the upright position, is still pointing to an offer, but in this situation you will be faced with a refusal to accept it or you yourself will not want to take advantage of it. The meeting symbolized by the Page of Cups may be cancelled or rescheduled. Although the promised pleasure and closeness that the Page of Cups can offer is still waiting for you, it won't come as quickly as you expect. It may also turn out that there is some kind of deception behind the meeting, and the very feelings that the Page of Cups presents to you are illusory. As the Page of Cups is fond of coquetry, it may turn out that his words don't have much substance, and he himself isn't emotionally mature. The card in a reversed position may also indicate a person who is unhappily infatuated or a man who is a so-called henpecked husband. On the more practical side of life the reversed Page of Cups may indicate a difficulty in fulfilling your intentions, which for some reason may not give you satisfaction. Be careful not to overdo it with alcohol and partying.

Reversed Page of Cups love, sex and relationships Tarot card meaning

The reversed Page of Cups is a character who can be shy and even indecisive in relationships. He may find it difficult to define his feelings, about which he is not sure himself, but he will still try to make the best impression on you. Be careful, however, because it may turn out that the Page of Cups in the reversed position has not only a problem with confessing feelings, but also with emotional maturity. Therefore, you should be very careful with all the promises and offers made by this young man, because they may turn out to be illusory or even false. A close relationship with a person with the qualities of the Page of Cups may be difficult and unstable. This is a good candidate for a romantic encounter or a short flirtation, but you shouldn't expect him or her to form a stable relationship with you. He is more of a heartbreaker type and you might just turn out to be one of his victims. For people who are single, the reversed Page of Cups indicates dissatisfaction in emotional matters and a lack of reciprocity from the opposite sex in actions taken. However, don't let the rejection you are currently experiencing lock you into a bubble of fear of a new commitment.

Page of Cups Tarot card information

Page of Cups Tarot card other names

Page of Goblets, Page of Chalices

Page of Cups Tarot card in different languages

Bube der Kelche, Paź Pucharów

Page of Cups Tarot card group

Minor Arcana, Cups

Page of Cups Tarot card keywords

Full willingness to give feelings, emotional freedom, sensitivity, richness of feelings, sensitivity, intuitive determination of the cause of the problem, willingness to help

Page of Cups Tarot card upright keywords

Children, youth, invitation to a party, romantic encounter, spontaneity, sensitivity

Page of Cups Tarot card reversed keywords

Cancellation of a meeting, an offer, invitation is a mistake, seduction, illusion, deception

Page of Cups Tarot card colors

Yellow, blue

Page of Cups Tarot card signs of the zodiac

Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius

Page of Cups Tarot card planets


Page of Cups Tarot card elements


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