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Seven of Cups

Learn the meaning of the Seven of Cups Tarot card

Meaning of the Seven of Cups Tarot card

The seventh card in the Suit of Cups in Tarot is called Seven of Cups and it depicts a black human figure who is gazing at the Cups suspended in the clouds in front of her. There are seven of them in total on the card, and from each of them emerges a different image that symbolizes the difficulty you have in making a decision. The first Cup shows a human head symbolizing beauty and spiritual life. The inside of the next cup is covered, but there is a figure underneath that emanates red rays and alludes to our hidden ego. In the third cup, the serpent refers to the energy of sexuality and desire. At the very bottom we see a castle, which in the Tarot signifies power and protection, and right next to them jewels that speak of wealth and the soul of man. The last two cups represent victory in the form of a laurel wreath (below is a skull) and the symbol of strength and war, the dragon. The Seven of Cups is primarily a card of illusion, platonic feelings and altered states of consciousness, which is perfectly contained in the seven cups described above. The card is ruled by Neptune, the ruler of dreams and affirmations.

Meaning of the Seven of Cups Tarot card in upright position

Although the Seven of Cups very often indicates the emotional sphere of our questions, it can also refer to any issue. However, it will always point to intangible and sometimes even unrealistic things. These are all sorts of ideas, images and plans arising in your mind. So it bodes very well for matters that require creativity and imagination. However, the upright Seven of Cups bodes less well for material matters because it is very difficult for the person shown on this card to come down to earth. It's also difficult to make a choice, unable to determine one's own priorities and feelings towards another person. The Seven of Cups is the card that best represents the state of alcohol intoxication, where it's difficult for us to control our actions but it allows us to experience other psycho-emotional states. When the Seven of Cups is in an upright position, it's a sign that the power of dreams and affirmations can be helpful in solving your current problems. However, don't try to follow a logical assessment of reality, because it may turn out to be wrong and illusory.

Meaning of the Seven of Cups Tarot card in upright position in relation to love, sex and relationships

The Seven of Cups is primarily a card of emotions, but these can be as varied as the images that emerge from each cup. If this card is about you, you most likely don't know what you are feeling or your feelings are platonic. The Seven of Cups in an upright position says that your imagination is very active at the moment, and you are building various scenarios in it that make it difficult for you to make one particular decision. You may be in a relationship that presents you with various new opportunities, each with seemingly different benefits. You may also find that you are facing a difficult choice about which relationship is best for you. There are many choices, and you need to make a specific decision. It is not possible to reconcile all paths and find one common compromise, so you prefer to be in the role of a passive observer now. Be careful, however, because most likely everything you see is just an illusion, and the reality about the person you are asking about is completely different. This makes you more susceptible to fraud and deceit from others, so be careful and listen to your intuition. The Seven of Cups may also speak of a carefree period in your relationship where you both experience spiritual love.

Meaning of the Seven of Cups Tarot card in reversed position

The reversed Seven of Cups is a card that always talks about being too detached from the earth, which can make you live unrealistic plans and fantasies. These are all kinds of illusions that obscure the true picture of reality and make it even more difficult to make the right decision. It could also happen that the reversed Seven of Cups indicates mental problems or addiction to drugs or alcohol and the need to stop using them. The card predicts situations in your life where you can expect stagnation and disappointment. If you are running away from an adult and responsible life, it's high time to finally put down your addictions and face your weaknesses. Only logical thinking will help you now, so stop following your emotions and dreams. It may also turn out that being too attached to the matter makes you unable to use the power of your subconscious to achieve your goals. It may turn out that at this moment your intuition won't be ready to help you make the right decision, so perhaps it's better to postpone it for later. Finally, try to find moderation in everything, especially in your feelings.

Meaning of the Seven of Cups Tarot card in reversed position in relation to love, sex and relationships

The reversed Seven of Cups for love affairs says that your plans and dreams for the other person may be unrealistic or even illusory. You may also be unable to determine your feelings or show them to the other person. The coming situations will not be easier for you, however, and may bring even more confusion in the emotional sphere. Be especially wary of people around you who may be dishonest with you and try to use your current mental state to their advantage. When you see the card of the Seven of Cups reversed it's a sign that you are finding it difficult to determine what is important to you in a relationship. This can lead to stagnation in a relationship and emotional swings in your mood. However, don't waste time escaping from reality even more, and instead try to approach emotional matters logically by sticking the Three of Swords into your heart. The Seven of Cups predicts a painful end to a relationship, and indicates mixed and extreme feelings when it comes to new acquaintances. Don't expect current problems to resolve themselves, instead focus on making the right decision. This is no longer the time to wait with your hands folded, so change requires decisive action. Take the first step to emotional fulfillment today.

Information about the Seven of Cups Tarot card

Other names of the Seven of Cups Tarot card

7 of Cups, Seven of Goblets, 7 of Goblets, Seven of Chalices, 7 of Chalices

Names of the Seven of Cups Tarot card in other languages

Sieben der Kelche, 7 Pucharów

Group of the Seven of Cups Tarot card

Minor Arcana, Cups

Keywords of the Seven of Cups Tarot card

Platonic feelings, problem of choosing among many possibilities

Keywords of the Seven of Cups Tarot card in upright position

Fantasy, dreams, using the forces of the subconscious, visualization, affirmations

Słowa kluczowe karty Tarota Seven of Cups w pozycji odwróconej

Living illusions, unrealistic fantasies, disillusionment, altered states of consciousness, mental disorders, lack of trust in fate

Colors of the Seven of Cups Tarot Card

Green, yellow

Zodiac signs of the Seven of Cups Tarot card


Planets of the Seven of Cups Tarot card


Elements of the Seven of Cups Tarot card


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