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Three of Cups

Get to know the meaning of the card Three of Cups

Three of Cups Tarot card meaning

The Three of Cups is the third card that we can find in the Suit of Cups in the Minor Arcanas in Tarot. The Three of Cups depicts on the card three dancing women who are carrying Cups in their hands. All the scenery around them depicts fruits and flowers, and the atmosphere around the women is definitely pleasant, even joyful. The card alludes to some kind of celebration of the moment and a carefree period with friends. However, the Three of Cups itself, as opposed to the Two of Cups, speaks of third parties involved in the gathering who may not necessarily be close to you. However, each of the three seen on this Tarot card is happy with the current course of events because some success has been achieved, after which it is time for a fruitful harvest. Like all threes in the Tarot and this card speaks of all sorts of triangular arrangements and even sometimes triangles in private relationships. However, the Three of Cups should be interpreted as a positive period in life, but under certain circumstances it may indicate laziness and lack of ambitious activities to do at the time.

Upright Three of Cups Tarot card meaning

In an upright position, the Three of Cups indicates a very pleasant and carefree time in your life, in which you enjoy time for yourself and your friends. The Three of Cups is thus a card of good fortune and completion of plans, so your intentions have been fulfilled and it's time to reap the fruits of your labors. In this card, you may see moments of celebration with friends and even sharing what you have with people who may have also had some success in this event. The Three of Cups speaks of having fun, social gatherings, and parties of all kinds. For this reason, this card speaks of alcohol abuse but usually only in the short term. Sometimes, however, even in an upright position it indicates a moment when we don't have work or more interesting activities than spending it with friends. This card is very similar to Three of Pentacles but here, as in all Cups, the most important aspect is yours, which will definitely be satisfied. The Three of Cups also represents the moment of recovery, feeling happy and enjoying the moment of life.

Upright Three of Cups love, sex and relationships Tarot card meaning

In relationship matters, the Three of Cups has a lot to say to you. First of all, like all the threes in the Tarot, it speaks of third parties influencing your relationship. In an upright position, however, it will not be their negative influence, but rather celebrating together and meeting often in a larger group. The card may also speak about a business relationship involving three parties entering into a joint agreement, for example, and then celebrating the completion of the discussions. The Three of Cups in an upright position also speaks of threesomes, but those that are mutually agreed upon by the partners. So it will be all kinds of experimentation in the sexual aspect involving other people. If you are not currently in a steady relationship, the Three of Cups predicts a very interesting time in your life, in which you will have the opportunity to meet many interesting people with whom you will be able to create a close relationship in the long run. The Three of Cups heralds contentment and fulfillment on the emotional plane, as well as a period in which you will feel very comfortable among your loved ones. It foretells the sharing of positive emotions between you, and for you the upcoming romance and exciting moments in your life.

Reversed Three of Cups Tarot card meaning

When reversed the Three of Cups always indicates laziness, excessive partying and substance abuse. When reversed the Three of Cups can also speak about relationships that are toxic to you and can destroy your relationship. Especially if it involves the opposite sex, which has a direct influence on the relationship shown in the Two of Cups. The card could be talking about a moment when you are opening the champagne too soon and your plans have not yet been completed and most likely will not happen, or they will be severely delayed. The reversed Three of Cups is about not being able to share your feelings with others, but also what you have. The other way around, the card may represent an acceptance of bad behavior and habits that have a negative effect on you, by people close to you. The reversed Three of Cups discourages entering into any kind of business arrangement with a group of people who may abuse your trust. In private relationships, on the other hand, it indicates jealousy or even bitterness. It also indicates various kinds of illnesses, but they are rather short-lived.

Reversed Three of Cups love, sex and relationships Tarot card meaning

The reversed Three of Cups in relationship matters very often speaks directly of betrayal, which is represented by the third person on this card. It can also point to a jealous or envious environment that has a negative influence on your relationship, which can ultimately lead to its end. It could also indicate that you or someone close to you is being too cavalier in your relationship. It could also be that you are putting other priorities first, which is preventing you from moving on, and in extreme situations, destroying what you have built together so far. For those not in a steady relationship, reversed the Three of Cups may speak of romance, but it's short-lived and definitely not a chance for something serious. The reversed Three of Cups is a situation in which a third person is trying to enter into an existing arrangement between two people also on a business level. This card is a warning against being too trusting towards those around you, who may want to use your situation to their advantage. The card also predicts disappointment and the inability to enjoy life. It can indicate the breakdown of friendships, acquaintances or close family relations.

Three of Cups Tarot card information

Three of Cups Tarot card other names

3 of Cups, Three of Goblets, 3 of Goblets, Three of Chalices, 3 of Chalices

Three of Cups Tarot card in different languages

Drei der Kelche, 3 Pucharów

Three of Cups Tarot card group

Minor Arcana, Cups

Three of Cups Tarot card keywords

Dialogue, happy ending, joy of life, relief

Three of Cups Tarot card upright keywords

Happy endings to plans and conversations, celebrations, fun, gratitude, recovery, happiness in love, the ability to see the wonder of life every day

Three of Cups Tarot card reversed keywords

Illnesses as a result of an improper lifestyle, jealousy, disappointment, inability to enjoy life, bitterness, destroying a steady relationship with casual affairs

Three of Cups Tarot card colors

Red, yellow

Three of Cups Tarot card signs of the zodiac


Three of Cups Tarot card planets


Three of Cups Tarot card elements


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