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Two of Cups

Get to know the meaning of the card Two of Cups

Two of Cups Tarot card meaning

The Two of Cups is the second card in the Suit of Cups. And like all of the Cups, it also relates particularly strong to our emotional sphere. And the Two of Cups itself has a lot in common with the Ace of Cups, because this time we are dealing with not one, but two Cups that form a unity. In the Two of Cups itself, you will see two people holding cups in their hands, facing each other. The caduceus above their head symbolizes reconciliation, and the lion alludes to the passions within them. According to the symbolism of the Two of Cups, this card speaks of all kinds of relationships, but not only on an emotional level, but wherever there is some kind of agreement between two people. The Two of Cups is a card of peace, but also happiness and love between two people, who combine their thoughts, bodies and plans into one common action, which is manifested in the Two of Wands. The card predicts harmony, agreement and understanding in a partnership, as well as the signing of formal agreements such as on a business or civil level (wedding).

Upright Two of Cups Tarot card meaning

The upright Two of Cups is a very pleasant and positive card, and one that everyone is eager to see in a Tarot distribution. It symbolizes an upcoming meeting, which is represented on the card by two figures. It may be a meeting with a person close to us, as well as a moment of signing an important contract. Regardless of what event is represented by the Two of Cups in the upright position, it is certain that the atmosphere will be very good. The Two of Cups predicts satisfaction and understanding, but one that involves both parties to the agreement. For this reason, it is the sign of new relationships, especially intimate ones, which are also a kind of agreement in themselves. The Two of Cups also represents an agreement and reconciliation between two people or even a return after a breakup. The Two of Cups brings only good news and emotional fulfillment. This is especially true for matters involving two people (or two parties) as opposed to the Three of Cups which refers to a third party.

Upright Two of Cups love, sex and relationships Tarot card meaning

In questions related to love, the Two of Cups predicts harmony and happiness. This means that if you are currently in an on-going relationship, this situation will not change and the climate between you may even improve significantly. For those who are not currently in a relationship, the Two of Cups in an upright position predicts a new relationship, but above all, new acquaintanceships which will result in meetings and time spent pleasantly. The Two of Cups in an upright position also speaks of a good atmosphere at work, as well as friendship between two people. The card may predict events such as a proposal or wedding, and for single people, a romantic date full of closeness and understanding. The Two of Cups also symbolizes mutual attraction and attractiveness, although it does not in itself indicate sexual aspects. The Two of Cups also represents a reconciliation with someone from the past, or a reunion with someone you already know. In an upright position, the Two of Cups predicts a successful business partnership resulting in mutual success and satisfaction. This is a situation where each person in the Two of Cups is giving the best of themselves to achieve a desired goal together. The card heralds success, but only for actions that are not taken alone.

Reversed Two of Cups Tarot card meaning

The reversed Two of Cups is a card that heralds events such as a breakup or a problem with starting a new relationship. This may be because the needs of the two people in this card are different, and they cannot come to an agreement. This is all kinds of broken agreements or lack of agreement both on personal and business level. The reversed Two of Cups carries quite a strong emotional charge, and upcoming events may turn into emotional problems and lack of satisfaction on this plane. The card also speaks of a lack of understanding for the other person, or even a one sided feeling represented by the previous card Ace of Cups. The Two of Cups reversed may also indicate betrayal by one person, as well as a dissonance between their conscious aspirations and emotional needs. The Two of Cups reversed, however, still indicates the possibility of turning the tide of current events, because even when the characters on the card turn away from each other, they are still holding cups in their hands, which are just waiting to be filled again.

Reversed Two of Cups love, sex and relationships Tarot card meaning

When you see the reversed Two of Cups in your Tarot reading, it means that one of the parties in your current relationship doesn't have understanding or reciprocated feelings, which in the long run may result in a breakup. The reversed Two of Cups could also mean that the person you're currently seeing may be blowing hot and cold on you, or not taking you as seriously as you'd like. This is also a situation where you are trying to enter into a relationship with a person with whom the relationship has no future for you. When the Two of Cups falls in a reversed position it is also a sign to be cautious about the people with whom you make all kinds of agreements, as you most likely cannot rely on them as much as you expect. The appearance of this card in the distribution can also indicate separation or becoming even dependent on the other party in the matter in question. Relationships represented by the reversed Two of Cups in a Tarot require a rebalancing and understanding of the other person to get things back on track. The current situation leads to difficulties in expressing your needs, emotions and talents, which only if properly nurtured can benefit both of you.

Two of Cups Tarot card information

Two of Cups Tarot card other names

2 of Cups, Two of Goblets, 2 of Goblets, Two of Chalices, 2 of Chalices

Two of Cups Tarot card in different languages

Zwei der Kelche, 2 Pucharów

Two of Cups Tarot card group

Minor Arcana, Cups

Two of Cups Tarot card keywords

Infatuation, love, community

Two of Cups Tarot card upright keywords

Marriage, declarations, meeting a partner, conversation skills, combining the masculine and feminine sides, good atmosphere at work, signing a contract

Two of Cups Tarot card reversed keywords

Betrayal, quarrel, unrequited love, jealousy, emotional instability, breach of contract

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