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Five of Pentacles

Get to know the meaning of the card Five of Pentacles

Five of Pentacles Tarot card meaning

The Five of Pentacles also known as Five of Coins is very often identified with poverty (financial, but also emotional or health) because of the situation presented in it. On the Five of Pentacles we see two figures standing in front of a building in winter scenery full of snow and wind. The circumstances are not favorable for them, and although the man is leaning on his crutches, which makes his walk even more difficult, he, like the woman on the card, cannot count on any support. Also visible in this scene is a building with a stained glass window depicting five coins. These coins or Pentacles, however, are not available to the people outside, although they would very much like to warm up inside the building for a while, and perhaps receive support from the people inside. Although the Five of Pentacles most often refers to financial matters in its fundamental sense, it should also be considered for any other woes that may accompany you when you draw this one for your question. The Five of Pentacles indicates very often poor health, but also zero feelings between two people.

Upright Five of Pentacles Tarot card meaning

When you draw the Five of Pentacles in an upright position it is not a good omen no matter what you ask the Tarot about. First of all, the upright Five of Pentacles is talking about poverty, which you are experiencing or will experience in the nearest future in the area of life you are currently dealing with. Thus, the card may speak of financial difficulties and problems that may lead you to material disaster. It also points to great health problems, or rather poor health, which is symbolically represented by a cripple located on the Five of Pentacles, right behind the woman. This card heralds hard times for you, which you need to endure, because your journey will eventually end, and the riches of this world will become available to you in time. However, the Five of Pentacles in the upright position has its positive side, and that is the use of all kinds of social assistance, which can bring you temporary relief. When it comes to relationships, the Five of Pentacles indicates a lack of affection and a situation where two people are outright strangers to each other. The Five of Pentacles, unlike the Tower, is not a harbinger of sudden misfortune, but rather of the harvest of your past decisions, and encourages you to be financially cautious.

Upright Five of Pentacles love, sex and relationships Tarot card meaning

Even if the Five of Pentacles is in an upright position, it will speak of one of the worst times a relationship between two people can be in. The symbolic misery shown on the card is directly related to your question, and it clearly indicates that there are no feelings left between you and the other person. If the question concerns an on-going relationship, the Five of Pentacles in an upright position predicts a very difficult period in the relationship, and maybe even a break up. If, on the other hand, the relationship continues then it is safe to say that each person will live completely on their own and will not look back. The Five of Pentacles in an upright position could also predict a person cheating or simply leaving you in a problematic situation without any help. This, however, could come from the friend you least appreciate. Although the Five of Pentacles says that you have nothing in common anymore, it is important to remember that you are still on a path together, so perhaps, somewhere around the corner, a new, better reality is hiding for you. For singles, the card predicts crisis and difficulty in finding a partner, but if you learn from your current situation and survive the difficulties, you will eventually achieve your goal.

Reversed Five of Pentacles Tarot card meaning

The reversed Five of Pentacles is much more positive in its tone and it represents a completely different pole of the upright position of this card. In questions about finances, therefore, the reversed Five of Pentacles foretells good luck in material matters and reassures you that your situation will not deteriorate. This means that you will not lack for your basic needs, although some difficulties may appear on your way, which you can easily cope with. The reversed the Five of Pentacles card is a good sign and says that your financial situation will improve. Perhaps this will happen thanks to the help you will receive from the universe. And just as in the upright position the card is called poverty, in the reversed position it can be called a kind of abundance. It's also a good sign in questions about relationships, because it talks about improving your emotional situation and perhaps rebuilding a relationship. The Five of Pentacles in reversed position is a sign of ending all kinds of problems, also in health matters. Your goal is closer than you think, so don't give up in your struggle. Take advantage of upcoming opportunity and help, which can improve your current material situation.

Reversed Five of Pentacles love, sex and relationships Tarot card meaning

The reversed Five of Pentacles in matters related to relationships and love predicts an improvement in your relationship, as well as the rebuilding of feelings for each other that have been abandoned somewhere along the way. Past problems and difficulties have been overcome, and you can finally draw conclusions and lessons from your experiences. The road you have travelled together has not been easy, but this has made your relationship even more lasting. You are now able to see that the most important thing you can offer each other is mutual support, and with it no adversity will frighten you. If the source of your current problems is an on-going relationship then the reversed Five of Pentacles predicts a release from that relationship and a move on your own path. If you are not in a relationship then the reversed Five of Pentacles predicts a general improvement in your emotional state and perhaps finding the other half with whom your life will make sense. If you've been feeling sad and lonely so far, the Five of Pentacles reversed foretells the end of this situation and problems in relationships with the opposite sex. This card encourages you to take the opportunity to meet someone new with whom you can experience romantic moments.

Five of Pentacles Tarot card information

Five of Pentacles Tarot card other names

5 of Pentacles, Five of Coins, 5 of Coins

Five of Pentacles Tarot card in different languages

Fünf der Münzen, 5 Monet

Five of Pentacles Tarot card group

Minor Arcana, Pentacles

Five of Pentacles Tarot card keywords

Compassion, being in need, forethought

Five of Pentacles Tarot card upright keywords

Poverty, financial problems, fear of losing a job, cheating, support of a friend who is not appreciated

Five of Pentacles Tarot card reversed keywords

Misery, unemployment, loss of home, mental breakdown

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