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Seven of Pentacles

Get to know the meaning of the card Seven of Pentacles

Seven of Pentacles Tarot card meaning

The Seven of Pentacles also known as the Seven of Coins shows a young man leaning against a shovel. He is dressed in a red and blue outfit and stands leaning over a bush with Pentacles hanging from it. The man depicted in the card shows patience, but also keeps a close eye on the fruit that is the result of his earlier work. The Seven of Pentacles very often in its meaning alludes to exactly such a situation, in which we will reap the harvest of our previous actions. The fruits shown in the Seven of Pentacles, except for one lying on the ground, are not yet ready to be harvested because they are still ripening. Both the Seven of Pentacles and the person depicted on it are clearly reserved in their emotions and already in their attitude indicates focus and patience. What you sow you will reap, but before that happens you need to wait an appropriate amount of time. This is a card of stillness and rest, but it doesn't indicate a suspension of things as they will follow their natural cycle. The Seven of Pentacles in its meaning very often refers to material matters, but also emotional and all kinds of affirmations.

Upright Seven of Pentacles Tarot card meaning

The Seven of Pentacles in an upright position is a very positive sign for all questions related to material matters. The card indicates all kinds of successful transactions and financial investments, especially if they are long term. However, no matter what action you take, if you draw the Seven of Pentacles upright it is a sign that you have enough patience and persistence in pursuing your goals. You can expect progress and results in the matter in question, but patience will be required, so don't expect your problems to be solved right away or your needs to be met immediately. If you have already put effort into this matter, the Seven of Pentacles in an upright position indicates a time when you need to go for a well-deserved rest after your hard work. This card also indicates that you should think about your next steps, and especially focus on positive affirmations, which combined with effective work will bring spectacular results. If only you follow the lesson from the Seven of Pentacles card, you will be rewarded by fate and happiness in every field.

Upright Seven of Pentacles love, sex and relationships Tarot card meaning

The Seven of Pentacles in an upright position very often concerns emotional matters, especially when one party is trying to win someone's attention or heart. The Seven of Pentacles is a card that teaches patience and persistence above all, and most often indicates a moment in the questioned matter, when you expect the results of your previous work. However, the work has been done and now is not the time to take further action. Instead, you need to reflect on the effort you have put in and think about what you will do when your fruit blossoms, and it will happen for sure, though not as soon as you want it to. The person on the card needs a rest so that they can regenerate their strength. The break is well deserved, however, so don't try to force the natural cycle of events. What you can do now, however, is focus on a positive affirmation, which will further strengthen your previous actions. On the other hand, the Seven of Pentacles can speak of a certain time of expectations in case of an ongoing relationship, but also making joint decisions for the future. The Seven of Pentacles in an upright position reminds you, but also teaches you that a relationship is not only about romantic moments, but also about daily work, which in the long run can bear excellent fruits of your love.

Reversed Seven of Pentacles Tarot card meaning

The reversed Seven of Pentacles indicates that you lack patience and persistence which you need to achieve your plans and goals. Most likely your actions are only short-term, and you expect immediate results of your work. Instead, you need to focus on strategy and understand that good fruit only will grow on properly prepared soil. The Seven of Pentacles in reversed position indicates laziness or even a kind of discouragement to the matter in question. If it concerns material matters it will talk about all kinds of financial problems, also those connected with work. It may mean loss of position or unwillingness to find a new place of employment. For this reason, the Seven of Pentacles teaches patience and ability to do conscientious work in every sphere of life. On the other hand, the Seven of Pentacles in a reversed position can speak of you being overactive in trying to rush things that need time. Sometimes the card speaks of unsuccessful deals or that the results of an investment will be worse than you expect.

Reversed Seven of Pentacles love, sex and relationships Tarot card meaning

When reversed, the Seven of Pentacles may speak of a kind of overinvestment in the relationship, which may prove to be emotionally disadvantageous for you in the long run. This card may also represent a situation in which you and your other half are not putting in enough work to resolve current problems. However, if you are showing enough effort in the current relationship then most likely its development will be very slow and even unsatisfactory for you. So you should stop your activities for a while at this point and instead focus on rethinking your future strategy. The required rest, but also patience is something you need most at this point. For singles, the card may indicate a lack of patience in finding a new partner. Don't try to push a new relationship or force your feelings on someone. Love and trust take time, but first life must create the right conditions for you to allow a new feeling to be born. The reversed Seven of Pentacles also indicates that you need to find a balance between time spent on work and relationships. Try to channel your energy and give yourself and the other person space, and things will work out in your favor.

Seven of Pentacles Tarot card information

Seven of Pentacles Tarot card other names

7 of Pentacles, Seven of Coins, 7 of Coins

Seven of Pentacles Tarot card in different languages

Sieben der Münzen, 7 Monet

Seven of Pentacles Tarot card group

Minor Arcana, Pentacles

Seven of Pentacles Tarot card keywords

Progress, harvesting of fruit, perseverance

Seven of Pentacles Tarot card upright keywords

Waiting, patience advised, time to rest, vacation

Seven of Pentacles Tarot card reversed keywords

Laziness, lack of satisfaction at work, lack of financial feeling, financial problems

Seven of Pentacles Tarot card colors

Yellow, violet

Seven of Pentacles Tarot card signs of the zodiac


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Seven of Pentacles Tarot card elements


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