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Two of Pentacles

Get to know the meaning of the card Two of Pentacles

Two of Pentacles Tarot card meaning

The Two of Pentacles is the second card in the Suit of Pentacles, and it depicts a man dressed in a red and gold outfit. He is juggling two Coins in an infinity loop, while standing on a stable ground. The man on the Two of Pentacles looks happy, but at the same time not too concerned about the current situation, which requires a lot of skill and balance from him. Before we can see the high rolling waves that indicate possible difficulties, but either he does not want to see them, or his situation in which he finds himself makes it impossible. The Two of Pentacles, like all Pentacles, indicates practical, material and mundane matters, as well as a kind of duality of the matter in question. In the case of the Two of Pentacles, it could be two sources of income, or an attempt to balance income and expenses. The person on the card looks like he/she is trying to entertain someone, and at the same time to show others his/her skills. So the card indicates not only practiced talents, but also strong financial capabilities that allow you to manage your daily expenses. The Two of Pentacles is also a symbol of industriousness and of completing any activities you have started.

Upright Two of Pentacles Tarot card meaning

Although the Two of Pentacles most often points to material matters, it carries a much deeper message. It should primarily be considered in the category of a game played by the person shown in this card. The goal may be different, but it is predetermined, and the person will try to maintain balance at all costs. Thus, very often the card in both its upright and reversed positions speaks of a so-called game between partners, which only one of them controls. From a more practical point of view, the Two of Pentacles in an upright position will speak about trying to find the golden mean in financial matters and balancing between expenses and income. However, this does not mean that the Two of Pentacles card foretells difficulties in obtaining money. Quite the contrary, because it heralds endless possibilities for earning money, very often also from different sources. The card, however, warns against making too hasty decisions and points to maintaining balance in managing the household budget. The Two of Pentacles is also a symbol of loans, credits and debts of all kinds, which will have to be paid back with time.

Upright Two of Pentacles love, sex and relationships Tarot card meaning

The upright Two of Pentacles on love matters indicates that you are trying to find the right balance between your current tasks and the attention you need to give your other half. The card also speaks of a certain game that one partner may be playing in an attempt to gain the other's attention. The Two of Pentacles in an upright position may speak about trying to satisfy the needs of your family or loved ones, especially in the material aspect. On the other hand, the card may speak about making a difficult financial decision together, which may have long-term consequences. So it could be, for example, a married couple buying a mortgage for a loan, or a decision to change jobs and move in together. Whatever your question, it is clear that the Two of Pentacles in an upright position points to an effort you need to put into both your relationship and your own actions. It may be more difficult than usual for you to find a balance in the emotional field, but with the right work and focus, you will reap the benefits in this area in the long run. For singles, the Two of Pentacles is an indication to provide the necessary space in your life that will allow you to give your attention and time to starting a new relationship.

Reversed Two of Pentacles Tarot card meaning

The reversed Two of Pentacles is a card that most often indicates that your life is currently in chaos, and you lack persistence in achieving your goals. The card also very often warns against spending too hastily, which in extreme cases could lead you to serious financial problems. The Two of Pentacles in reversed position is  primarily a problem with meeting one's material needs and living from the "first" to the "first" (of the month). In professional matters, this card tells of unfavorable financial transactions, as well as difficulties in completing previously started actions. It could be the loss of one source of income, for example, which will cause you temporary difficulty in balancing expenses and earnings. In relationships the reversed Two of Pentacles warns you about unfavorable partnerships, but also about private relationships, where one party's dominance may prevail. The reversed Two of Pentacles also indicates difficulties in making a choice and taking the right decision. However, don't act rashly at this time, especially in financial matters, which you must be careful about now.

Reversed Two of Pentacles love, sex and relationships Tarot card meaning

The reversed Two of Pentacles always indicates a difficulty in finding a balance, and in relation to relationships, it can further speak of a reluctance to commit to a new or current relationship. The card can indicate financial problems, which can negatively affect your relationship and force you to make uncompromising decisions. The Two of Pentacles reversed also indicates a difficulty in defining your priorities or focusing too much on material matters, which may make your other half feel less important. The card can also symbolize someone who has trouble settling down and likes to play with other people's feelings. When you see the Two of Pentacles reversed in a Tarot hand of cards, it is very likely that the person shown is facing a choice of some kind, usually between two people. The current time is not particularly good for you when it comes to love affairs, as you may find that it is financial problems that need more attention. This can cause you some frustration and impatience, but it's very important to achieve harmony and peace at this time to help you get back on track. Take a moment to breathe and try to focus on what is most important to you.

Two of Pentacles Tarot card information

Two of Pentacles Tarot card other names

2 of Pentacles, Two of Coins, 2 of Coins

Two of Pentacles Tarot card in different languages

Zwei der Münzen, 2 Monet

Two of Pentacles Tarot card group

Minor Arcana, Pentacles

Two of Pentacles Tarot card keywords

Readiness to work, beginning of new activities ending later in success, variability

Two of Pentacles Tarot card upright keywords

Fluctuating financial situation, warning against buying on credit, taking money lightly and recklessly, having fun, the need to achieve financial balance

Two of Pentacles Tarot card reversed keywords

Profligacy, incompetence, debts, difficulty in repaying credit

Two of Pentacles Tarot card colors

Red, violet

Two of Pentacles Tarot card signs of the zodiac


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Two of Pentacles Tarot card elements


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