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Tarot cards of the color of Wands indicate directly activity and action. Maces, like Coins, speak of the material world, but in relation to development, progress, initiative and activity. Wands in Tarot are associated with the red color symbolizing energy, momentum and physicality. So they are an inspiration to act, but also an indication of specific events that can lead to success, prestige and recognition, as well as failure, violence and overwhelming. The maces are usually described by fiery and temperamental people, often under the sign of Leo, Aries or Sagittarius.

Inne nazwy dworu Buławy:

Pałki, Kije, Różdżki, Laski, Berła

Nazwy dworu Buławy w innych językach:

Stäbe, Wand, Rod, Le Baton

Znaki zodiaku dworu Buławy:

Lew, Strzelec, Baran

Planety dworu Buławy:

Słońce, Mars, Jowisz

Żywioł dworu Buławy:


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